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Secure and subversive

I was getting very excited last night over the wonderful subversion version control system. I decided it was high time I kept part of my Linux home directory in Subversion, and it worked a treat. There was a bit of a sticky point after I put the .subversion directory itself (the user-side config files) into Subversion, and the system got upset when I did a checkout and it tried to replace a directory that it was itself using. But Subversion allows you to move a file in the repository without actually checking it out. So I was able to rename the .subversion directory without touching anything actually in use. Terrific.

I then set about setting up a WebDAV server to access my Subversion repository from my laptop. But it turns out ssh+svn Just WorksTM off the back of ssh. No web server needed, no WebDAV, but instant secure remote version control. I can now look forward to many more hours of happy coding from the comfort of my own sofa.

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