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Archive for October 2005

Beavers in Britain

Apparently Six Bulgarian beavers were released into a reserve yesterday [...A Defra spokeswoman said] “The Eurasian beaver is not a species which is ordinarily resident in Great Britain.” [...] Simon Pickering of the Cotswold Water Park Society coordinated the release, and said: “I hope to see the day when beavers are freely roaming once again.” [...]

A bug is just a bug

The Blackberry users inside the Beeb have been getting each others’ messages. Manufacturers Research in Motion say The bug was isolated to version 4.02 and does not exist in version 4.03 or other earlier versions. RIM is aware of a single reported incident of the bug, and responded promptly with a fix. Several hundred people [...]

Win a “school job” for your girlfriend

Lads! Win your lady a brand new set of expertly crafted classrooms! What type of school do you want your girlfriend to run? With our great new competition you can choose! Your girlfriend will draw jealous and lusty glances from parents who can’t afford to go to her school! Choose your size! What size do [...]

The music of Fox News

This from Gawker Media, via a reader: I just had to call Fox News. Their hold music is actually George Bush giving a speech about Ronald Reagan. He tells all these boring anecdotes about Nancy writing on Air Force One stationary, etc. What blatant asslicking…I feel slightly dirty right now! Tags: foxnews, politics, usa

The Singing Detective (encore)

Finally got round to watching my The Singing Detective DVD this weekend — I’d not seen it since it was first on TV in 1986. It surprised me how good it remains, and how funny it is, much of which comes from the mouth of a very bitter protagonist. This had us in stitches, mostly [...]

Rory Carroll

No more news on Rory Carroll, the Guardian’s man in Iraq. Neil has posted some links to some of his articles: Rory Carroll, the Guardian: Patient Shias file in to end centuries of exclusion (January 31 2005) Rory Carroll, the Guardian: Reporters at risk (September 12 2005) Rory Carroll, the Guardian: A slow rebirth for [...]


Sam Jones says it “should have been an anodyne roundtable chat between four guests with nothing in common but a product to plug”. Indeed, Midweek seems to me to be a criminal waste of talent every time — four people with interesting lives, who, in the hands of Libby Purves, are dumbed down to a [...]

Domain driven design, and different kinds of databases

While reading Eric Evans’ excellent Domain Driven Design, I was put in mind of one of Dave’s recent blog entries and what is being called The Great Application/Integration Database War of Attrition (by absolutely no-one). The debate has been sparked by a couple of Ruby gurus (David, Alex) who object to triggers and constraints in [...]

Our twisted drug agenda

David Cameron is being attacked, still, over his possible use of drugs before he entered politics. Meanwhile no such fuss about Ken Clarke, whose company is being less than forthcoming about its own drug pushing, and in particular its involvement with North Korean is conspiring with one of the world’s most repressive regimes. I have [...]

Peter Bradshaw on Domino (and other stuff)

I like Peter Bradshaw because he’s not stuck up his own wazoo, and judges each film as it’s intended to be judged. He may admire Ingmar Bergman’s Saraband, but that doesn’t stop him giving Kill Bill 2 top marks. On the other hand, he’s still prepared to denounce a film as a dud. Today he [...]