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Archive for January 2006

How did the NUJ get to this?

There’s a jolly old scrap going on around the NUJ’s approach to citizen journalists. I’d like to tackle it from a newish angle, but first — for those new to the story, and for those familiar with it but who can’t resist car crashes in slow-mo action replay — a recap. Recap “Citizen journalists” is [...]

It’s the lies I object to (he lied)

My discomfort with the recurring scandals among Lib Dem leaders and leadership candidates is not the revelations themselves, but the suspicion I have of people who say “it’s not the scandal itself I take offence to, it’s that they lied to us”. I just don’t believe them. When Charles Kennedy revealed he used to have [...]

Too much technology

Oh great. The latest iPod Nano software has a bug, although there is a likely workaround. For a gadget that’s used even by technophobes this is going to be a nasty awakening. Yesterday we plugged a phone into a wall and then had to wait for it to boot. I’ve known a coffee machine that [...]

Worldly advice for software developers

The Register has an excellent review of Steve McConnell’s Code Complete, Second Edition. Excellent because it sensibly boils down a very large book very succinctly. Two major themes of the book can be summed up in these two bullets: Taming complexity is a key goal of the best developers; and Code is read more than [...]

A window-shopper’s guide to GPS units

Lloyd asks the question on geocaching which I was inevitably asking myself yesterday, more or less: “what’s the best GPS device to use? And can you use a standard TomTom?” While there won’t really be a single “best” device, because it all depends on what you want and what you can afford, there are some [...]

Adventures in geocaching

We went geocaching on Sunday, and it was even more fun than I’d expected. This is our first find: For the uninitiated geocaching is where people hide small boxes of goodies in various locations around the world, publish their locations (longitude and latitude) on the Net, and let others — with the aid of a [...]

Useful podcast guide

For Socratic reasons, it is sometimes necessary to approach complex concepts from the perspective of someone ill-informed and unpleasantly facetious. So says Tim Dowling introducing a hilarious beginners’ guide to podcasting. His survey takes in the many technology podcasts among others: Stuff magazine now produces its own monthly podcast, the inaugural episode of which I [...]

It’s make or break for make or break

It’s been a tough week for make or break, as it’s come under relentless pressure to describe today’s Commons statement by Ruth Kelly: The Times: In a make-or-break statement, Ms Kelly will reveal the results of an “exhaustive” review of cases [...] The Telegraph: As Miss Kelly prepared for her make or break day, Tony [...]

Let the 1s and 0s out! (Version 3)

One really dangerous idea has to be the GPL, and now a new version is about to be released — it’s in draft form at the moment. Simon Phipps and Danese Cooper have written up notes from a presentation on the draft. For those new to this area (and who haven’t stopped reading yet) the [...]

Who are you calling a Campbell?

You don’t tend to go to Dadblog for lessons in language (you tend to go there for cosy John-Peel-style pastorals) but today Lloyd points to a BBC article on the pronunciation of Menzies, as in Cambell. It explains why it’s pronounced Mingiss and hence abbreviated to Ming (it’s to do with the disused letter yogh), [...]