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One inch closer to ditching my car

So I’m waiting by the printer, when Paul sees his page rolling out. “Ah,” he says, “that’ll be my car for the weekend.”

He told me about this ages ago, but I forgot the URL. It’s Streetcar.co.uk. A whole lot of PIN-locked cars located at strategic points in London and elsewhere. You book a timeslot, get a PIN, find the car, open it up and drive off. And now I come to look at the site it’s even more exciting than I first guessed: cars have their own phones, they have an iPod cable going into the stereo, access is with a chipped electronic card, the keys are inside waiting for you, and there’s a bay just 200 yards from my flat… shortly.

I’ve not worked out the costs per year, so I don’t know how much I’d benefit. But I do know it’s very, very exciting. Sort of like the Provos’ White Bicycle Plan, but with the anarchy and simplicity being replaced by capitalism and high-technology.

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