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Car clubs

I’ve written before about how exciting StreetCar is, and how it’s making me think about giving up my car. And then the other week my company started offering a discount on it. Now today I’ve got a leaflet through from Camden council headed “Car club: A new car on your doorstep”.

I’d not heard the phrase “Car club” before, but it is, as you’d guess, a generic term for what StreetCar does, and which I now discover includes other expanding companies such as CityCarClub and WhizzGo. The leaflet encourages membership of car clubs and includes a map of current and forthcoming pick-up points in the area. A subtler aspect of all these companies, apart from the consistently annoying CamelCase names, is that many of their cars are parked in precious on-street spaces. I suspect none of them could have done this so easily without a helping hand from the councils, and no doubt also a common representative such as Carplus, a “national charity promoting responsible car use”.

It really does feel like like we’re in the middle of a quiet revolution. Mind you, this is Camden we’re talking about. If I lived in Westminster I’m sure they’d be sending me a leaflet extolling the virtues of driving my children to school in a petrol tanker.

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