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People who work in different areas think in different patterns, observe different things, and attach relevance and importance to what they see in different ways. But we all work across many different areas in our every day life, and constantly switch from one kind of thing to another. I am interested both in technology and [...]

Management failure at Lambeth Palace

In an interview in March, Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, said his role wasn’t one of moral leadership. He wasn’t actually very clear on what it was, but it wasn’t leadership. Maybe steering the Church of England. Maybe managing it. Maybe “transmitting”: Leadership is – is, to me, a very, very murky and complicated concept. [...]

So, which Premiership footballer was it…?

The News of the World has paid damages to Ashley Cole and Ian Thompson (aka Masterstepz) because “some readers have understood Mr Cole to be one of the footballers and Masterstepz to be the DJ concerned” in a story of unusual sexual activities which the paper published along with a lightly doctored photograph of the [...]

Bézier curves

Today I’ve been mostly amazed by Bézier curves. Cubic curves can be a bit complicated, what with all those unintuitive coefficients and having to choose whether to specify the x value or the y value, but not both. Not so with Bézier curves, though. Here are some amazing facts about them: A Bézier curve is [...]

The exception that proves the rule

If, like me, you thought this was a nonsense phrase, then here’s an explanation. Prove is a word with several meanings. In one meaning — probably the most usual one — it is to establish, in the way that a mathematical proof establishes a claim. But that’s not the sense in which it is used [...]

Stephen Colbert: An old link, but a good link

Why should I e-mail this video link to Jamie when I can post it on the blog and be (fairly) sure he’ll read it here? Stephen Colbert, star of The Colbert Report (obviously) and purveyor of truthiness, addresses George Bush and others at this year’s White House Press Corp dinner. You remember the one — [...]


I have just bought what is nearly the cheapest, and almost certainly the nastiest, MP3 player in the English-speaking world. When I switch it on it greets me with “Welcame”. “Oh,” you say, “these people obviously don’t understand English”. Well, that’s to over-estimate them. As the manual describes the product as an “MP3 PERSONBL STEREO” [...]

An e-zine for you — yes, you

Kim Fletcher today reckons “every man and woman at News International is scurrying to satisfy Rupert Murdoch’s new interest in the medium [the Internet]“. No doubt as a result of that the Times has just launched a Flash-based magazine. It’s called Select, followed by an oh-so-webby slash. It’s certainly clever, but it does everything to [...]

Think it — PowerPoint it

Edward Tufte’s essay The Cognitive Style of PowerPoint says PowerPoint-presentational thinking dumbs us down. I’m not sure I agree with him, but that’s not stopped someone (in this case Aaron Swartz) turning it into a PowerPoint presentation. It includes a link to Abraham Lincoln’s long-lost PowerPoint presentation of the Gettysburg Address. So, fun all round. [...]

Internet gold

A whole lot of very old browsers, with installers! Ideal for comprehensive testing. Thanks to Dean for the pointer. Tags: browsers, history, testing