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An e-zine for you — yes, you

Kim Fletcher today reckons “every man and woman at News International is scurrying to satisfy Rupert Murdoch’s new interest in the medium [the Internet]“. No doubt as a result of that the Times has just launched a Flash-based magazine. It’s called Select, followed by an oh-so-webby slash.

It’s certainly clever, but it does everything to rub me up the wrong way. Well, I guess I’m not the target audience. If ever I was to put on a tie while giving Anna a smouldering look like the chappie on the cover she’d just laugh at me — and rightly so. My (negative) feelings about Flash-based sites are documented elsewhere. And it’s produced by a company called Hit Consultants, which sounds like it’s come out of a bad Radio 4 comedy show. (Regular readers will know they can omit the word “bad” from that sentence without changing its meaning.)

But, as I say, it is clever. The adverts (all from Jaguar) are lightly animated and interactive. The photographs and articles are also tastefully interactive. The page turning is natural and appears obvious, but (as I’ve said elsewhere today) obviousness doesn’t come easily.

It’s not for me, but if you like fashion and cars, and don’t need to be told Valentino’s other name to know who he is (unlike me — I don’t think he’s the ballerina) then maybe it’s for you.

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