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Car-free day

Saturday 29 July 2006 was the day I freed myself of my car. Finally. My thanks to the DVLA for sending me a reminder about my road tax and prompting me to put it on eBay. A seven-day auction (and no little struggling with eBay’s buggy interface) followed, and it was taken away by a [...]

Fopp II

Some time ago I wrote about how inappropriate it was to build an entire website in Flash, which was triggered by a bad experience with Fopp’s site. Now Matt of Fopp has dropped a note to say they had problems with it, too: Flash is not great if you want to do a usable retail [...]

It’s all circus and vaudeville

I was struck by news of the death of Reg Bolton — not that I’d ever heard of him, but by use of the word circus: Reg Bolton, who has died aged 60, was a clown, teacher, director, actor and writer. He pioneered the concept of “new circus” when the days of the traditional large-scale [...]

Outages, outages

On Tuesday and Wednesday Yahoo experienced a mail outage. I experienced the same thing on Sunday, with server timeouts throughout the day (inevitably in the end I discovered I didn’t have any new mail, anyway). Today MySpace is having similar problems, though at least they’ve provided us with a game of Pacman in the meantime: [...]

MS buying everything

A valued correspondent writes: Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2006 14:03:57 +0100 (BST) Subject: MS buying everything While I spend all day on Microsoft operating systems, applications and development environments, I dont think these two recent developments are healthy for the Windows environment. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/07/20/ms_xen_love/ http://discuss.joelonsoftware.com/default.asp?joel.3.365815.24 Would welcome your thoughts in blog format… M My thoughts are: [...]

Unwrapping for the sun

If you don’t pay £14.95 for a year’s worth of The Wrap, then you won’t have seen Sean Clarke’s excellent roundup of today’s papers. Turns out that they just go very, very soppy whenever it gets a bit hot: The Telegraph devotes the top half of its front page (the bit traditionally reserved for attracting [...]

Link farming’s saintly twin

Normally on the Internet (and, probably, in Real Life) someone comes up with an idea to make the world a better place only to see evil-doers use it to promote pornography, fraud or bad grammar. 3G technology was used to promote porn, e-mail is full of 419 scammers, and text messaging has turned our children [...]

Those shockingly liberal Dutch people

This is shocking. A Dutch court has allowed a pro-paedophilia party to stand in the forthcoming general elections, despite protests from a child protection group called “No Kidding”. According to the article The new party wants to legalise the possession of child pornography and to allow pornography to be shown on daytime television. Violent pornography [...]

How many millionaires can be innocent?

Saturday: Are the three millionaires innocent? Monday: Are the Millionaire Three innocent? More than a coincidence…? Tags: millionaires, law, coincidences

The Hello World collection

Every time you write you start learning a new computer language, one of the first examples you come across is the “Hello world” program: a demonstration of possibly the simplest thing the language can do — to output the message “Hello, world!”. This has become such a cliché that this example is given even in [...]