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Archive for October 2006

Go Richmond! Scourge of the 4×4 owners

Good on Richmond council: Motorists who drive gas-guzzling cars are to face significant rises in parking fees under a pioneering scheme to tackle climate change. Drivers of the most polluting vehicles will be charged up to £450 a year to park outside their homes under the plan, which marks one of the first serious attempts [...]

Two favourite phrases

I’ve always liked Lucy Mangan’s writing, ever since… ooh, since she wrote enthusiastically about travelling by bus. In today’s new-look G2 (and how much nicer it looks, too) it seems she has a regular column. And it looks like I’m going to start a small collection of favourite Lucy Mangan phrases which I will, sadly, [...]

Online photo printing services reviewed

I’ve just completed a test of various Internet photo printing services, and thought I’d share the results with you. (I previously found a review from Photography Blog, but that’s a little out of date.) I wanted to send a lot of digital snaps off to be printed, but didn’t know who’d give the right balance [...]

The choice from Microsoft

I’ve just downloaded the latest automatic updates for Windows XP, and I’m presented with this question in a popup box that insists on being in front of any other windows… Now I’ve got stuff to do, and I don’t want to restart now, but I’m really struggling to make the choice I want… Tags: microsoft, [...]

Too many customers? No problem…

According to The Register: Carphone Warehouse has bought up AOL UK for £370m in cash, instantly bumping up its broadband customer base by 1.5 million. You’d think that as their broadband service is currently suffering due to excess demand, the last thing they’d want right now is 1.5 million more customers on broadband. (Which of [...]

Getting closure on closures

I’m mildly excited about the recent flurry of activity on getting closures into Java. To recap, closures are little functions which can be treated like objects, and picked up and carried around. Here’s an example from Ruby, which has started the recent buzz on closures — in this case to select all the article published [...]

Dragon NaturallySpeaking (and Yahoo Mail) hacks

We’ve got Dragon NaturallySpeaking Professional at home and we spent a few happy minutes last night (well, frustrating minutes followed by happy minutes) setting up some macros for Anna. The problem is that DNS doesn’t work terribly well for applications outside its immediate target set — that is, for much other than Microsoft Office 2000 [...]

Pencil and paper, the MIT way

I thought the coolest thing in whiteboards was pressing a button and getting a printout. Of course I was wrong. Here’s something a little special from MIT at YouTube. Thanks to Paul for the pointer. Tags: whiteboards, drawing

Toys on the march

Hilarious Flickr photoset from doc18: Toys. Kept us amused, anyway. (Do those toys really all come from Japan?) Tags: photos, toys

TalkTalk network status, anyone?

My dad is apparently having problems with his TalkTalk broadband connection. (I hear this second hand, as I got home late last night.) Failure to connect, connection dropping after a short time, etc. The TalkTalk help line seems permanently engaged. Bringing up the TalkTalk website reveals — surprisingly — no link to a “network status” [...]