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Strictly Come Dancing — it’s a public service

MediaGuardian.co.uk (free reg required) reports on changes that the BBC Trust has proposed for the BBC iPlayer on-demand TV service. The changes are “part of its public value test for the iPlayer” and include changes to “series stacking”. This is described by informitv.com as allowing “users to view an entire series of programmes within seven [...]

Photos of Kentish Town

In case you wondered what Kentish Town looked like, I took some photos for you. Tags: kentishtown, photos

The Apple attitude versus the Microsoft attitude

It’s good to see Microsoft reaching out a bit, as it launches Windows Vista with a campaign apparently designed to support Apple’s own “Mac versus PC” ads. Starting yesterday Apple were pushing a “Mac versus PC” campaign with the help of Mitchell & Webb. You can go to Apple’s UK website, and see a selection [...]

Paul Dacre on the BBC and cultural Marxism

The speech by Paul Dacre, editor of The Daily Mail, about the BBC is outlined in Press Gazette (the full text is only in the print version) and there’s an edited version on The Guardian’s comment pages. He accuses the BBC of liberal bias and “cultural Marxism”. There’s a short response from an actual Marxist [...]

Adobe Lightroom

This is a picture of a chap in Camden today. I mention this partly because you might like to see some more pictures of Camden, but also as an excuse to point you towards Adobe Lightroom, which is a photo management tool currently in free, time-limited, beta. It has some terrific strengths: it’s easy to [...]

Running from camera

A strange, entertaining, and incredibly focused blog by Gert Rietveld. “The rules are simple: I put the self-timer on 2 seconds, push the button and try to get as far from the camera as I can.” Tags: running, photos

I am Fortran

Which is almost as meaningful as I am curious yellow, but not quite. I am, it appears, Fortran. Which Programming Language are You? Thanks to Jon Rowett for that pointer among others. Tags: programming, quizzes

Five things

I’ve been tagged by Dave. So here are five things you probably don’t know about me: When I was small I wanted to be an architect, or a tennis star, or Father Christmas. (Today I’m suspicious of architects, have no interest in tennis, and tend to avoid Father Christmases.) I failed drama O-level, which might [...]

Slightly better photos

Here are some slightly better photos. This time of a Sunday afternoon walk to and from Parliament Hill. Tags: london, photos, sunday

New camera

I finally capitulated. This is my favourite of the first lot of photos I took with my new camera, a Canon EOS 400D. The photo’s not that interesting, I admit, but I like it because (a) it’s got nice detail, and (b) I’m a sucker for shallow depth of field. Tags: photos, camera, consumerism