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Archive for March 2007

Hampstead at night

Pictures from Sunday, walking through Hampstead village. There’s one other, but it remains under wraps for copyright reasons. Tags: photography, hampstead

Photos of Stuttgart (at last)

On our recent four-day trip to Stuttgart, Waldenbuch and Strasbourg we managed to take 646 photos. Luckily for you we got it down to 35, of which a few include the baby whose baptism we went for, so those don’t appear on Flickr. Below, then, are some of the pictures from Stuttgart. Click through to [...]

Book recommendation

I’ve never had an awful lot of time for Richard Dawkins when he’s on his atheism roll. I like him for evolutionary biology, but for me he blew it when he was given the Thought for the Day slot a few years ago… The first time an atheist had been given the slot, a chance [...]

Music to watch photos by

A very important part of photography is, of course, to choose the right music for the slideshow. And if you’re of a certain age, then that music absolutely has to be the tune used by Tony Hart and his galleries. And here it is — Leftbank 2, the music from the Vision On gallery. Enjoy. [...]

Stuttgart in panorama

A picture from our recent trip to Germany. Stuttgart sits in a basin, which means it’s pretty hairy driving in and out, with steep roads and a steeper drop, but you get a great view once you’re near the top. The full picture, if you click through above, is 17,000 pixels across and 6MB, so [...]

Funny exam answers

Credit to Lloyd — and his friend on the inside — for providing photos of actual answers to exam questions. Very funny. Start here… Tags: exams