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Science vs faith

Two recommended cartoons noticed by a loyal reader, from the excellent-looking Wellington Grey Miscellanea: Geek couple commitment Science vs faith Tags: geekiness, cartoons

Against the Day: A progress report from deepest bonkerdom

While Lloyd apparently skipped through the thousand-page Infinite Jest, only to be disappointed by the end, I’m on a gentle uphill stroll through Thomas Pynchon’s thousand-page Against the Day. Yesterday I found, to my surprise, someone else who’s going through it. And we’re at about the same point. He’s taking it much more seriously than [...]

dpreview.com sold…

…to Amazon, according to The Register. The site (for digital photography reviews) has always been fantastically rich in content. Lots of coverage, and lots of great detail. And it was always a treat to see the sample photography with landmarks you recognised, as it’s UK-based. I’d have hoped dpreview.com’s founder, Phil Askey, would now be [...]

Chocolate polenta cake

Here is a picture of Anna’s chocolate polenta cake, created for my aunt and uncle’s 40th wedding anniversary. It was, naturally, delicious. There are photos of the whole event, if you want to see family pics. Tags: cake