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Archive for June 2007

Good luck to the Mail on Sunday

In any kind of contest between music retailers and the Mail on Sunday, all other things being equal, I’d side with the music retailers every time. But when things aren’t equal and the music retailers are being stupid then I have to support the Mail on Sunday. The artist formerly known as The Artist Formerly [...]

Quentin Davies’s letter of defection

Quentin Davies writes a damning letter to his party leader in defecting from the Conservatives to Labour. I can see why he’s leaving them, but am somewhat surprised that he has chosen to support Labour. Principally, it seems, it was David Cameron’s lack of support for Europe which first caused him to rethink his position. [...]

Where do your (US) taxes go?

Thanks to one of my Facebook friends (they’re a bit like Forever Friends, but for grown-ups) for a pointer to the Death and Taxes poster. It’s “a visual guide to your federal taxes” — all your US tax dollars broken down in one very wonderful 2ft x 3ft poster. Most fun for the curious is [...]

I joined Facebook… what now?

I joined Facebook, mainly out of frustration. A colleague sent me a link saying “this is great, we should be doing something about it”. It was a Facebook link, and Facebook pages are only visible to members, so I thought it was time, finally, to get with the programme. Daddio. That was last week. I [...]

Another video of “the future: now”

Here’s an astonishing piece of work, probably technology not yet ready for primetime, but enough to demo and amaze. The blurb says it shows “breathtaking multidimensional spaces with zoom and navigation features that outstrip all expectation”, which is a pretty good description. And there are lots more where that came from. Tags: research, images

Dorian Ford at The Space

Last night we went to see our friend Dorian Ford play at The Space in Westferry. A wonderful evening, Dorian plays jazz piano and last night was the second in a series of three events at the same venue, each with him in a different trio and with a different agenda. Last last night he [...]

It’s still just a game for Channel 4

More Big Brother racism, and this time some action was taken. But I’m not sure Channel 4 and Endemol have quite learnt: Big Brother contestant Emily Parr was removed from the show early this morning after calling fellow housemate Charley Uchea a racially offensive name. [...] Angela Jain, who heads the Big Brother commissioning team [...]