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People on Hampstead Heath

A pic from Bank Holiday on Hampstead Heath. Normally I don’t like landscapes in black and white. In fact I never like landscapes in black and white, and, yes, that includes all of Ansel Adams’ work [1] (heresy!) but (a) I think this photo looks better that way, (b) I’m still experimenting with this black [...]

Black and white hot

After watching Martin Evening’s excellent video on managing black and white photos in Lightroom, I was inspired to take some photos of my own and see what I could do with them in black and white. The result is some pictures of the local streets on a hottish early evening. Tags: blackandwhite, photography

To Malvern with a tripod

Before we went to Malvern last week I bought a tripod. This meant we were lucky enough to get up at 4:45 one morning and climb North Hill to photograph the sun rise. Though it was far from spectacular it made a good morning out. Then we returned home and went back to sleep. Here [...]

Works boat party

Some snaps from our works boating-and-Bollywood party last night, on the occasion of us being great people doing fantastic things. A few more where those came from. Meanwhile, some lessons learned from last night’s photography with a compact camera: Flash outside makes people in the foreground look like they’re standing against a flat, painted backdrop. [...]

Skip, porch and church

Three photos from Kentish Town. Tags: photography, kentishtown

Select tripod – weight

Honestly, who could have thought this dropdown menu was a good idea? I was browsing for a camera tripod on Jessops’ website, and thought I might like the lightest one available. There was a handy menu to choose my ideal weight, but it was only handy until I clicked on it… then I gave up. [...]

A revolutionary Facebook application: e-mail

A valued correspondent points me to two links… Link 1. Seth Goldstein says a little of what I said yesterday, but at a higher level, and drawing a more significant conclusion: “Closed is the new open”. Link 2. News of a Facebook application that seeks to subvert Facebook’s own (non-)messaging systems, placing a big button [...]

Facebook annoyances, parts 1 and 2

It seems I exist in a very narrow band of people who don’t love Facebook, but yet aren’t actively suing them (or otherwise attacking them or attacking them or attacking them). No, I just have some annoyances. Annoyance 1. I’m a member of four or five groups on Facebook. Each has its own page, where [...]


I love the word bobbins. As in When exactly was it that schools became completely bobbins at telling whether a child has a broken leg or just a flea bite? or The show might have been bobbins, but you’ll never forget the end credits. It’s a sweet word, and — perhaps also because Google doesn’t [...]