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Archive for December 2007

Mike’s backing Boris (but no-one’s backing Mike)

Mike Read, famous former Radio 1 DJ and one-time collaborator with Sir John Betjeman, is not, after all, running in the London mayoral elections. You may register surprise. Mike explains why to his fans on the Comment is Free site; however, his fans seem not to be among those who contributed to the 1,132 comments [...]

Me-culture in the name of science

The BBC were reporting today a government message that “People in their 30s and 40s are worse than those in their 20s at knowing when to stop drinking”. If you wanted to assess whether this was the case what would you do? Perhaps you might find out the alcohol limits of a sample of people, [...]

If only cats and mice could get along

Here’s a curious video of a mouse which has been genetically engineered to have no fear of cats… in a room with a cat. The blurb at the top of the page asks “What happened next…?” To which the answer is: a scientist appeared to explain what he’d done. And then the viewer asked himself: [...]

Photos of St Pancras

Here’s Jonny. And passers by. Tags: stpancrasstation, photography