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Benevolent vandalism

Manhole cover seen earlier this week. Tags: vandalism, streetlife

One more step behind in the camera technology race

It’s been about 12 months since I got my Canon 400D camera, and about 18 months since it’s been on the market. So I was quite put out that it is considered “now dated”, as Canon have launched its successor, the predicatably-named 450D. But really I know that the difference is in the lens, so [...]

The downfall of HD-DVD

Jemima Kiss’s viral video top 20 tells you all you need to keep you going through the week. Personally I’ve OD’d on MacBook Air info (though it was unexpectedly nice to see Randy Newman making a brief appearance), and the supposedly-leaked video of Tom Cruise’s Scientology fawning is just disturbing [1, 2, 3, and more], [...]

Obligatory MacBook Air post

Yes, the MacBook Air looks terrific. But I’m wary of the Apple cult, reinforced by Steve Jobs’ priestly black shirt and the stubble that suggests he’s just spent three days locked in a room with an unsuspecting victim, without food or water, shouting and thumping a bible at them. Mind you, as soon as someone [...]

Hillary Clinton: I don’t know how she does it

US talkshow host Arnie Arneson previously convinced me, after Iowa, that Hillary was history. She made a good case — how could Hillary’s campaign managers let her make a pitch like that? So when Hillary won New Hampshire I was staggered. And so was my new friend, Arnie. The film in which she struggles to [...]

Wedding attire, weddings and photography

Here’s a very entertaining MP3 interview, if you’re vaguely interested in weddings (are planning one, have had one, etc) or photography. George Jardine interviews six women wedding photographers, although “interviews” is misleadingly formal — he really just starts them off, and they don’t stop chatting for over 45 minutes. A disturbing proportion of the conversation [...]

Big blogger: celebrity flapjack

The advert on the back of Metro today said this: We know you love Big Brother. We know you love celebrities. We know you love hijack situations. Well get this… And it went to announce the scheduling details of Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack. All of which has prompted me to reveal the following four surprise [...]

New Year on top of a hill

We spent the last hour of 2007 walking up the Malvern Hills, and the first hour of 2008 walking down. The photos below just prove it was done. A couple of dozen others had the same idea (and reached the top before us), and together we looked down on Worcestershire and watched fireworks pop up [...]