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According to The Register Those enterprising folks at Game Cube Linux (GC Linux) claim to have developed a proof of concept version of Linux running natively on the best-selling Nintendo Wii games console. Why would you want to run Linux on a Nintendo box? So you can edit files in vii, of course… Tags: linux, [...]

Kentish Town door

This is a door in Kentish Town. I have nothing to add. Tags: photography

Is £25 disproportionate?

As far as the new congestion charge goes, whether or not £25 is disproportionate depends on what you’re standing your Porsche Cayenne up against. It probably is disproportionate if you’re comparing it to a Ford Focus ST2, kicking out 224 g/km of carbon emissions (congestion charge £8) against your 378 g/km and £25 charge. But [...]

Chinese New Year photos

Some photos from Chinatown on the weekend of the Chinese New Year. And a bicycle. Tags: chinesenewyear, photography

Prince William to become software developer

According to today’s Guardian, Prince William is to get work experience in a national newspaper: One person involved in the decision-making said: “I think it would be a good idea for him to find out how the media works. It’s something I would like to see him do.” Of course, the journalist writing the piece [...]