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Archive for March 2008

Parental controls

A screenshot has leaked out showing new features on the iPhone 2.0, including one image demonstrating parental controls. And I can’t help thinking they’re needed — any parent who buys their child an iPhone really does need to be controlled. Tags: indulgence, iphone

The Case of the Milliner’s Carpet

“Come in and sit down, my dear”, ushered Holmes to the young lady, as Mrs Hudson withdrew to attend her other duties, “it’s a long walk from Tufnell Park, and if you want to talk to me about a financial matter then I expect you’ll need to compose yourself.” “Why yes, Mr Holmes,” she stammered, [...]

iPhone SDK non-live blogging

Today is the day Steve Jobs convenes a presentation to address the specific issue of whether or not the iPod Touch will be the PDA I want it to be. Engadget has a very attractive live blog with photos and everything. Well, with photos. Looks like a fully-fledged SDK: “…we’re opening the same native APIs [...]

Further research published

Top scientists have just discovered the following amazing facts… Even four or so months after launch, the Nokia N810 really is not a PDA. The applications just aren’t there yet. A WiMax-enabled N830 might be round the corner, perhaps announced at the start of April. Maybe that will be an organiser. The cold, hard facts [...]

In the red corner, the iPod Touch…

I’m currently going through the most exciting and frustrating phase of another purchase cycle: the research period. This is the time when I obsess over candidate products, do loads research and cross-referencing, create spreadsheets, and generally work myself into a tizz about something almost no-one else would give a second thought to. This time it’s [...]

The Faculty Part III: Ghosts of alumni

My old university is cranking up the pressure and professionalism in its Alumni Department. And it shows. It began when my mother mentioned casually that they’d rung to speak to me (they still had my old contact details, and I’d never been particularly interested in updating them to allow them to follow me) following a [...]