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Archive for May 2008

Further ponderous musings on next-gen organisers

I return to this periodically, continually trying to make make sense of a nonsensical world. My aged Palm Vx works wonderfully, and allows me to organise my life very efficiently and effectively. (How I execute my life is another matter.) But it’s about eight years old now and will break down soon and I’ll need [...]

Non-commercial photo use by commercial organisations

A similar — but distinctly more convivial — experience to Neil McIntosh’s run-in with AOL. I got a mail about a photo I put on Flickr: it’s nominated to be included in a forthcoming visitors’ guide, and I had the opportunity to agree to this or withdraw it. Following up, the site said: While we [...]

55 in 1

I just went out out to buy a card reader for a Micro SD card, and maybe my camera’s Compact Flash card as a nice-to-have. I have returned having spent twenty quid on a — ahem — 55 in 1 card reader. I am currently both in wonder that someone has produced a device that [...]

Heart-stopping leap

Here’s a photo sequence that appeared in the paper this morning, and I couldn’t stop looking at it for ages. A man taking a photo above the Grand Canyon, and… oh, goodness. Update: There’s some discussion about whether it’s a hoax. It would seem that any possible hoax is about not revealing the full picture, [...]

Apples, oranges, Vista and XP

Reg Developer picks up on Microsoft’s defence[*] of features causing confusion for Windows Vista users. Of interest to me is this, from Microsoft’s document: We’ve heard some of you say that Windows Vista runs slower than Windows XP on a given PC. So what’s really happening here? First, we need to avoid comparing apples to [...]

Get a mortgage and kill a baby polar bear — free!

Spotted on a poster on the way to work today: LloydsTSB have an exciting and unique offer in which you can take out a mortgage with them and they will kill a baby polar bear on your behalf. Okay, that’s not true. But they do have “The only mortgage that gives you free Airmiles”, which [...]

Shipping warning

It was a late night last night, and I was listening to the Shipping Forecast (all jolly good until you get the National Anthem; a waste of airtime, but imagine the uproar if they scrapped it). Anyway, Charlotte Green, or whichever salty sea dog had the pleasure, seemed to be telling us that an awful [...]

Late bird

I finally moved into 2007 today by signing up to Twitter. I figured if there was an “introduction to…” article about it in the paper then it was officially beyond the Early Adopter stage and I could fully embrace it with my comfy luddite tendencies. So far it’s been fun, but I wonder if it’ll [...]

Athena never went away

Athena was the poster child of poster-children in the 80s (that can’t be an original quip, can it?), and defined what teenage bedroom walls looked like. The chain has closed, but obviously the need for that kind of picture hasn’t. Yesterday I was browsing random things (I ended up watching GTA IV trailers; it was [...]

Pictures and video from Jamie’s stag day

A couple of photos from Jamie’s stag day, which involved clay pigeon shooting and Jamie being required to dress as Spiderman. More pictures of the event on Flickr, and further below a YouTube video of Spiderman strolling down Tottenham Court Road. Tags: spiderman, stagday