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Bookmarks for 25 Sep 2008 to 28 Sep 2008

Android's Very Own Font – Forbes.com — "We wanted the type to be very useful, comfortable to read, and not in any way distracting." PhysioRoom.com English Premier League Injury Table — Key data for fantasy football managers. Hat top to Neil Mc. Convert video for and iPod — Comprehensive, including troubleshooting section

Bookmarks for 24 Sep 2008 to 25 Sep 2008

Full list of new features in Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 — …although "faster than ever" isn't really a feature. Afterstep: flv 2 mp4 – get youtube on the ipod — FLV to iPod – this combination actually seems to work. How-To: Get TV shows off of your TiVo and onto your iPod (with video) – Engadget [...]

10 exciting things about Android

Despite my excitement over the build-up, the actual launch of the HTC/T-Mobile/Google Android/G1 phone was a bit of a so-what for me. But I came across this little item: 10 members of the Android team each show one thing they like about the new system. 10 videos of 25 seconds each. And suddenly I can [...]

The truth about the market turmoil

G2 has a piece today asking various anti-capitalists for their view of the current market turmoil. I was very pleased to see their research took them to one of the most compelling voices on this subject, Max Keiser. His Resonance FM programme, The Truth About Markets, is always entertaining — sometimes for the right reasons. [...]

Bromyard Folk Festival

Apologies for very long pause in posting, but enough of that… We spent the weekend in the west, and Saturday at the Bromyard Folk Festival. Lots of fiddles, lots of sing-a-longs, and lots of mud. The big discoveries for me were Mike & Ali Vass, and Bob Fox. There are (geotagged!) photos over at Flickr, [...]