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Bookmarks for 28 Nov 2008

25 cameras with the best dynamic range by Photocritic (photography cameras dynamic_range ) The quiet revolution in photography by Photocritic"The newest frontier of digital photography is dynamic range – and it’s arguably the most exciting (r)evolution that’s happened in dSLR-world so far." (photography cameras dynamic_range ) Farewell Woolies: Jenny Colgan recalls her days working on [...]

Bookmarks for 21 Nov 2008

Amazing Photojournalism: Where to find the best in news photography (photography journalism photojournalism ) Recession timelines… Media job cuts plotted / credit crunch in North East Wales | Journalism.co.uk Editors' BlogPlotted on Dipity (job_cuts media economy ) The Last Word on the BlackBerry Storm: It’s Not So Hot | TechnologizerSummary of reviews of the BlackBerry [...]

Bookmarks for 20 Nov 2008

Official Google Blog: Lively no moreWow, I'm impressed: Google shuts down Lively so soon after it started. That shows real focus. (google lively ) Agile Development Projects and Usability (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox)Jakob Nielsen on getting a good usability experience with Agile. (usability development agile ) Ahh Shucks, SOA Is A FailureA letter from a fictional [...]

Bookmarks for 19 Nov 2008

Thinking of the numbers — TechbellyTechbelly, on the Guardian's first Hack Day. (ghack1 guardian hack_day ) Matt McAlister » Notes from Hack Day at The GuardianMatt McAlister, the force behind the first Guardian Hack Day, on what happened. (guardian ghack1 hack_day ) jaggeree /Blog : : Guardian Hack Day 1Chris Thorpe on the first Guardian [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Nov 2008

Day #2 at Guardian Hack Day – currybetdotnet – 16 November, 2008What Martin Belam did at Guardian Hack Day. (guardian hack_day ghack1 ) Infovore ยป What I got up to on ThursdayWhat Simon Tom Armitage did at Guardian Hack Day. (guardian hack_day ghack1 ) HOW TO: Convert Videos for Your iPhone (or Any Mobile Device) [...]

Yet another photo of Kentish Town

I found this on my camera, which I took one day on my early morning commute. Tags: photography, kentishtown

Message to T-Mobile: You don’t know how to sell the G1

I tried to take one more step towards buying the G1 phone today, and was not helped at all by the salesperson in the T-Mobile shop in Oxford Street. I just wanted to play with the phone — pick it up, feel it, get used to it, try out the keyboard, test the touchscreen’s responsiveness, [...]

Bookmarks for 13 Nov 2008

The Best Tools for Visualization – ReadWriteWeb (visualization tools mashups ) 16 Awesome Data Visualization Tools (visualization tools mashups ) GroupTableGroupTable is a web-based software and success network developed specifically to help student groups improve document management, project planning and communication. (productivity web_2.0 project_management )

Bookmarks for 8 Nov 2008

Syncplicity – Syncplicity: Effortless Backup, Synchronization, and Sharing (sync storage web_services backup ) Washington Post Has Biggest Election Day Jump in Traffic of all Major News Sites (us_elections web_stats ) CNN.com sees 400 per cent traffic spike by Tuesday afternoon (us_elections web_stats )

Bookmarks for 7 Nov 2008

Obama Victory Is Record News on the Web – NYTimes.com (web_stats us_elections ) Vile antisemitism by Avriani newspaper/ Χυδα?ος αντισημιτισμ?ς απ? την “Αυριαν?” « Abravanel (antisemitism greece newspapers us_elections ) 6 Embeddable HTML Editors for Your Website Compared (tools html editors opensource reviews )