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Bookmarks for 31 Mar 2009

Press release: International Herald Tribune Joins Forces with The New York Times on the Web and Reveals New-Look NewspaperThe IHT has been folded into the New York Times online. (nytimes iht media ) Little Red Riding Hood as an infographicInfographics are great. But sometimes they can be taken a little too far… (animation video infographics [...]

Bookmarks for 26 Mar 2009

Flash Player Internals | Peter ElstJim Corbett and Lee Thomason from Adobe discuss some of what goes on inside the Flash player. (presentation flash video performance adobe ) Wikirank"What's popular on Wikipedia" (visualisation wikipedia Stats trends ) Firefox plugin quickly – Google DocsA lightning presentation on how I wrote my Firefox extension, Show Chromeless. (presentation [...]

Bookmarks for 24 Mar 2009

spEak You’re bRanes » Very Handy ToolSome frightening observations from the BBC talkboards about Google Street View, including "Immigration cameras are trying to look deep inside the human soul through pupil of the human eye." (humour google privacy ) Goodbye Google | stopdesignDouglas Bowman on leaving his job as Google's Visual Design Lead: "Yes, it’s [...]

Watchmen at the IMAX, and some photos

Having accidentally persuaded Anna that she didn’t want to see Watchmen — I think just by describing it — I saw it with Martin instead, at the South Bank IMAX. My thoughts, for what they’re worth, are as follows: I’d give it 7-8/10 for the most part, so not nearly as bad as many critics [...]

Bookmarks for 19 Mar 2009

The Financial Times Launches Its Own Business News Search Engine (Newssift)."The Financial Times Group, which is owned by the British publisher Pearson, is not exactly the place you’d expect to find the latest search engine. But a startup deep within the bowels of the organization called FT Search is launching one at 8PM ET tonight [...]

Photos from 40th party

Here’s a photo from my 40th party; there are others in the Flickr set.

Upgraded to WordPress 2.7.1

I’ve upgraded this blog to WordPress 2.7.1, which should have no effect at all on what you see, but I just thought I’d mention it. As usual the actual WordPress upgrade took seconds. And, also as usual, it was the paranoid backing up and cleaning up which was excrutiatingly painful and time-consuming. That said, it [...]

Firefox plugin for simple tab detachment

On Sunday I wrote a Firefox plugin: DetachTab. It’s very simple: when you’ve got a tab open press the F4 key and the page will reload in a new window free of any chrome. I find this useful when copying information from one page to another. Since I have my calendar in one tab, a [...]

Bookmarks for 3 Mar 2009

Bighow: handbook to online journalism"The handbook covers the basics of online reporting, writing for the web and social web, citizen journalism, professional blogging, how to use Facebook and Twitter, how to deal with censorship, list of citizen journalism websites worldwide, list of free tools for journalism and much more…" (media journalism blogging guides ) The [...]