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Bookmarks for 3 Sep 2009

Martin Fowler's Bliki: FeatureBranchMartin Fowler on feature branching, problems, solutions, more problems, and alternatives. (programming agile continuous_integration version_control ) Insect Arts Festival « Pestival 2009Someone's spotted a very obvious gap in the market: "Celebrating insects in art, and the art of being an insect, Pestival 2009 runs from 3rd-6th September and is jam-packed with insect-inspired [...]

Bookmarks for 1 Sep 2009

Feds break Apple's code of App Store silence • The RegisterDamning commentary on Apple's run-in with the FCC, on its enquiry into its rather secretive and possibly anti-competitive practices: "Apple's fast-talking response is very to-the-letter, and it reminds me of stores that sell "body massagers" in places where vibrators are illegal." etc etc (apple app_store [...]