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Bookmarks for 29 Oct 2009

Palm Pre Mojo SDK experiments at updates @ m.blogHow to build a Flickr app for the Palm Pre in 30-40 lines of Javascript. Very nice. (flickr geolocation palm_pre tutorial webos ) 26 Hints for Agile Software Development – PM Hut"I collect nuggets of wisdom on various topics. Recently I have been going over the topic [...]

Bookmarks for 27 Oct 2009

What’s Black And White And Red All Over? Top Newspaper Circulation Numbers."The Audit Bureau of Circulations has released the numbers for the top 25 daily newspapers in the U.S. based on their weekday circulation numbers. Not surprisingly, the numbers are bad — okay, awful. Exactly one of the top newspapers has shown growth when compared [...]

Bookmarks for 26 Oct 2009

The Reconstruction of American Journalism : CJR Leonard Downie, Jr. and Michael Schudson’s comprehensive survey of how American news organisations are responding to the structural changes in the industry, and make some recommendations. (journalism future newspapers report ) Nook, eBook Reader, eBook Device – Barnes¬†&¬†Noble Barnes & Noble launch the Nook e-book reader. It does [...]

Bookmarks for 19 Oct 2009

Allman Brothers, Oct 14: Huntington or Nashville? A parable about syndication and provenance. « Jon Udell"It appears the Allman Brothers were in concert today, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t. [...] At AllmanBrothersBand.com it says they were in Nashville on October 14. But if that’s true, Eventful isn’t the only site that got it wrong [...]

Bookmarks for 14 Oct 2009

Ruminations » Blog Archive » Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet"Here it is: the Quality Tree Software, Inc. Test Heuristics Cheat Sheet, formerly only available by taking one of our testing classes." (testing quality tips software_development ) Ruminations » Blog Archive » Not Exhaustively TestedElisabeth Hendrickson on how one iPhone developer might have avoided a lot of [...]

Bookmarks for 11 Oct 2009

Tweeting a link or a picture? Don't forget to blog it as well… – currybetdotnet – 9 October, 2009Great post from Martin on recent experiences with authority and social media: "Over the last few weeks I've had three tweets receive a lot of retweeting action. I thought it worth sharing what I'd learned from it [...]

Eigenharp photos

One of a several photos I took of the Eigenharp when I went to its launch event. More in the Eigenharp Flickr set. (And yes, I am unhealthily obsessed with it right now.) Tags: photography, music, eigenharp

Bookmarks for 8 Oct 2009

YouTube – Eigenharp Roadshow – Air StudiosProbably the definitive (introductory) rundown of the features in the Eigenharp. (eigenharp videos ) Poka Yoke, error handling for your process | Agile Software DevelopmentNotes on building reliability into software: "Poka yoke is a Japanese term that means something like fail-safing or as I like to call it fool-proofing. [...]