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Bookmarks for 19 Oct 2009

  • Allman Brothers, Oct 14: Huntington or Nashville? A parable about syndication and provenance. « Jon Udell
    "It appears the Allman Brothers were in concert today, but I’m pretty sure they weren’t. [...] At AllmanBrothersBand.com it says they were in Nashville on October 14. But if that’s true, Eventful isn’t the only site that got it wrong date. So, apparently, did a number of event-gathering and ticket-selling sites. Here are couple of examples I found.

    In cases like these it’s hard to nail down the provenance of a “fact” such as Allman Brothers, Huntington WV, October 14 2009. There is clearly syndication going on, but who’s upstream and who’s downstream? How is the network of feeds interconnected? Which is the authoritative source?" (syndication feeds ical )

  • 10/GUI : The Video
    Potentially the next step after the mouse. I agree it looks very plausibly usable (and I can't help thinking that the graphical interface reminds me of a certain smartphone recently arrived in the UK). If it doesn't eventually take off it may well be because of the not-invented-here syndrome. (gui future technology video user_interfaces )
  • 5 Still Life Lighting Tips for Beginners
    (photography tips )
  • Go MiFi – and ditch your iPhone? • The Register
    "The MiFi, or the "intelligent mobile hotspot", may sound like one of the most pointless devices ever created. It's a small, battery powered gizmo that converts one wireless network protocol (3G) to another even less efficient protocol (WiFi).

    Why would you want to do that, you're thinking – gain the battery inefficiencies of WiFi and combine them with the data throughput of 3G? And then put up with the extra inconvenience of carrying yet another gadget, with yet another power charger, and add another point of failure into your life? But a month with the MiFi – courtesy of network 3 UK – has prompted me to think the unthinkable, and consider ditching my iPhone. Or at least go far enough down that road to do the sums." (mobile wifi mifi review gadgets )

  • Understanding The Power Of Social Media | Jonathan MacDonald
    Jonathan MacDonald videoed a TFL staff member verbally abusing a customer. Now the guard has been suspended and is under investigation. Another example of how public opinion can make real changes by using social media. (london tfl tube video abuse )
  • High Scalability – High Scalability – Neo4j – a Graph Database that Kicks Buttox
    I'd not come across the idea of a graph database before, but there's an obvious need, so this is brilliant. "If you are Digg or LinkedIn you can build your own speedy graph database to represent your complex social network relationships. For those of more modest means Neo4j, a graph database, is a good alternative." (database graphs software scalability )

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