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Bookmarks for 30 Nov 2009

Volunteering for SW Radio Africa | Help | guardian.co.ukThe Guardian tech team did this… "Following Gerry Jackson's emotive appearance at the Activate Summit, members of The Guardian's back room teams have been donating time to help SW Radio Africa. (guardian zimbabwe activate ) iFarter begs Apple for rational App Store • The RegisterOne more on [...]

Bookmarks for 26 Nov 2009

Master-Master ReplicationAn enterprise pattern for data replication — one of several data-oriented enterprise patterns from Microsoft's library. (patterns enterprise_patterns replication synchronisation ) Why Big Media's Anti-Google Counter-Revolution Will Fail – Umair Haque – HarvardBusiness.org"Microsoft is negotiating with News Corp to pay it to remove its content from Google's index. Uh-oh: the Empire — industrial-era business [...]

Bookmarks for 20 Nov 2009

Scroll ClockOh my goodness. A web page that shows a digital clock? Not that interesting. A web page that shows a digital clock made entirely out of scrollbars? That's disturbed. And beautiful. (javascript design fun inspiration clock ) Consternation online for Times’ use of Edward Woodward blog tribute – Times responds | Journalism.co.uk Editors' Blog"According [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Nov 2009

Murdoch: Google is mortal and together we can kill it • The Register"Everyone's missed the clever part of Rupert Murdoch's broadside against Google last week. [...] What Murdoch has done is say the unspeakable. He's offered a roadmap for taming Google – and a re-ordering of everything we take for granted about the web today." [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Nov 2009

Microsoft admits Win 7 tool violated GPL • The RegisterThe GPL in action, as intended: "Microsoft will soon release a Windows 7 tool under the GPL, after admitting the product violated the terms of the popular open-source license." (microsoft windows gpl legal ) The Placebo EffectOn the effectiveness of placebos. They really work and not [...]

Bookmarks for 15 Nov 2009

Sun apologises for spelling Jacqui Janes’ name wrong… | Journalism.co.uk Editors' Blog"A fantastic spot from Michael Acton Smith after the Sun’s criticism of PM Gordon Brown this week for misspelling the name of killed Guardsman Jamie Janes in a letter to his mother, which included the paper publishing a transcript of a phonecall between Brown [...]

Bookmarks for 12 Nov 2009

7 Visualization Groups On Flickr to Find Inspiration | FlowingDataI hate list articles, but I love visualisation, so this list article is fine by me. And it includes the Guardian Data Store as one of the sources, so that's bonus. (inspiration visualisation data flickr data_store infographics ) The temporary web « BuzzMachineI'm glad it's not [...]

Bookmarks for 6 Nov 2009

An Illustrated Guide to Git on Windows"This document is designed to show that using git on Windows is not a difficult process. In this guide, I will create a repository, make several commits, create a branch, merge a branch, search the commit history, push to a remote server, and pull from a remote server. The [...]

Bookmarks for 3 Nov 2009

X marks the spot: new Oxford Circus crossing opens | UK news | guardian.co.ukIf ever I had to get to the other side of Oxford Circus I'd actually get on a bus, even if it was one stop just to cross the road, because it was so awful as a pedestrian. But now it's changed… [...]