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Bookmarks for 23 Dec 2009

klein.gif (GIF Image, 600×415 pixels)Recycling Klien bottles, courtesy of commenter MC (humour maths system:filetype:gif system:media:image ) Orig Williams obituary | UK news | The Guardian"He was trying to put together a team of Welsh-speaking players when he realised that gates were declining because of the increasing interest in Saturday afternoon televised wrestling. He left the [...]

Bookmarks for 18 Dec 2009

Palm – Project Ares"Project Ares is the first mobile development environment hosted entirely in a browser, lowering the barriers for web developers to jump into mobile development." (palm development webos ) Computational Thinking: Jon UdellJon Udell's presentation to UCEA, April 2009, on Computational Thinking: what it is, and why it's an important skill for everyone. [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Dec 2009

Microsoft lets in rivals to end 10-year web browser war with EU regulators | Business | guardian.co.uk"From the spring, European web users running Windows 7, XP or Vista who have Internet Explorer as their default browser will be presented with a "ballot screen" that will offer them a dozen alternatives to choose from, including Mozilla [...]

Bookmarks for 15 Dec 2009

Mathematically Correct Breakfast — Mobius Sliced Linked BagelHow to cut a bagel into a mobius strip. Ready for toasting and (trying to) cover with cream cheese. (food fun maths geometry ) jaggeree /Blog : : Not print, not online, just very nicely different"The serendipity produced by my personal selction and institutional curation was there too [...]

Bookmarks for 11 Dec 2009

InfoQ: Maintainable Automated Acceptance Tests"Automated tests that are brittle and expensive to maintain have led to companies abandoning test automation initiatives, according to Dale Emery. In a newly published paper, Dale shares some practical ways to avoid common problems with test automation. He starts with some typical automation code and evolves in ways that make [...]

Bookmarks for 7 Dec 2009

1.3 Radically opening up data and promoting transparencyUK government opens up even more… "'Public data' are 'government-held non-personal data that are collected or generated in the course of public service delivery'. Our public data principles state that: * Public data will be published in reusable, machine-readable form [...and much more...]" (government data open_data ) AJAX [...]

Bookmarks for 2 Dec 2009

EigenZone – First live song recording after a week of usageFrom Geert Bevan's blog exploring the Eigenharp Pico: "This is a song project that I’ve been working on to learn the possibilities of the Pico during this first week. It demonstrates how you can easily build up various loops while playing live and add vocals [...]