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Bookmarks for 12 Apr 2010

  • 7 Ways to Make Your API More Successful
    "The purpose of a content API is to make the content available to its audience in the most useful and efficient way possible. To be a useful API, it needs to help the developers make their jobs easier. This could mean a wide range of things, including making it easier to dig into the API, allowing for greater flexibility in the responses, improved performance and efficiency for both the API and its consumer. Below are seven development techniques (all of which are part of the NPR API) that can help content providers improve the usefulness and efficiency of their APIs on both sides of the track." (api npr architecture )
  • How Popular Science Built its iPad App – emedia and Technology @ FolioMag.com
    Impressive stuff — a team of really focused people delivering an acclaimed product and platform in a very short space of time: "According to Popular Science executive editor Mike Haney, Mag+ is built around a type of XML-based file format it calls MIB (the Mag+ Issue Bundle). MIB is a way to package all aspects of a magazine’s content (text, images, etc.) in a standardized way so that the app, “which is essentially an MIB-reader, can render them with our unique functionality and architecture,” he says." (ipad design magazines )
  • Condé Nast’s Digital Magazine Vision Caught in the Apple vs Adobe Cross-Fire
    "Since last year everyone has been drooling over the Digital Magazine demos we’ve been seeing — built using Adobe InDesign and published as a cross-platform Adobe AIR application. Now, you can kiss those Digital Magazines good-bye, if you’re an iPad user. There may have been a sliver of hope by the folks at Condé Nast that Apple could find a way to accommodate Adobe’s technologies, but that’s obviously behind us now." (magazines adobe apple ipad )
  • Video: Brain games: speed stacking takes school by storm | Education | guardian.co.uk
    At first I thought segments of this video had been speeded up, but apparently not. These children are blazingly fast. "Berger primary school pupils in Hackney, east London, are pioneering competitive sport of speed stacking, which aims to improve dexterity and hand-eye co-ordination" (video sport )
  • Twitter and third-party Twitter developers cdixon.org – chris dixon's blog
    "Until Twitter has a successful business model, they can’t have a consistent strategy and third parties should expect erratic behavior and even complete and sudden shifts in strategy." (twitter ecosystems business_strategy )

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