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Bookmarks for 24 Jun 2010

YouTube – iPhone 4 Reception Issue with Holding the Phone"The iPhone 4's apparent reception seems to decrease when you hold the phone in your hands (around the antennas)." (iphone mobiles hardware video ) IFS: Budget was "regressive" | Left Foot Forward"A picture says a thousand words. The respected, independent Institute for Fiscal Studies today said [...]

Bookmarks for 23 Jun 2010

Guardians "Open Platform" Uses Scala | The Scala Programming Language"On the 20th May the Guardian announced that their "Open Platform", an API to access the vast repository of Guardian media with over a million articles, video clips, photographs and audio tracks, was "open for business". With 36 million people making regular use of the repository, [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Jun 2010

World Cup instant Twitter replay: how we did it | Help | guardian.co.ukAlastair Dant on how Guardian.co.uk built its World Cup Twitter Replay: "To recap: we started by figuring out how to collect aggregate stats from Twitter, produced an initial design for representing this data graphically, pulled together some supplementary feeds of match and team [...]

Bookmarks for 16 Jun 2010

Google teams up with estate agents for UK property search – Telegraph"Google Maps has been upgraded today to include a new layer of results covering “hundreds of thousands” of properties for sale or rent in the UK." Just in time. (property google search ) Boost for London’s Software Developer Community and SME’s as TfL lifts [...]

Bookmarks for 13 Jun 2010

Google News experiments with human control, promotes a new serendipity with Editors’ Picks » Nieman Journalism Lab"Late this afternoon, Google News rolled out a new experiment: Editors’ Picks. Starting today, a small percentage of Google News users will find a new box of content with that label, curated not by Google’s news algorithm, but by [...]

Bookmarks for 13 Jun 2010

The Queen’s Birthday Surprise « Tom Scott"The Red Arrows provide a special formation flyover of Buckingham Palace on the Queen's official birthday, designed by a six-year-old with other things on his mind." Doctored video by Tom Scott. (monarchy humour video ) You’re Doing It Wrong – ACM Queue"Would you believe me if I claimed that [...]

Bookmarks for 11 Jun 2010

Guardian.co.uk at the AOP Awards 2010 – a set on FlickrPhotos from Meg Pickard of the Guardian's tremendous haul at the 2010 AOP Awards. (photograph guardian aop_awards ) Apple’s "evil/genius" plan to punk the Web and gild the iPad"You might think that Apple holds [the open web and App Store] in equal esteem, but its [...]

Bookmarks for 10 Jun 2010

The Anti-Web Movement Is Gathering Pace | paidContent:UK"It’s created billions in sales, gave media companies their first taste of the internet, encouraged self-expression where there was oppression and caused an explosion in publisher plurality.<br /> <br /> But, after 15 years as the net’s publishing platform of choice, a movement is growing that wants to [...]

Bookmarks for 8 Jun 2010

How Apple Tricks You"Steve Jobs has already been busted for exaggerating the resolution of a new iPhone screen the Apple CEO unveiled yesterday. It's only the latest in a series of misleading videos, pictures and claims designed to part you and your money." Clearly incorrect claims from Apple (apple advertising ) Did the New York [...]

Bookmarks for 7 Jun 2010

Whitehaven shootings illustrate the Facebook ‘Like’ problem for news – Martin Belam’s currybetdotnet blog – 2 June, 2010"No thanks, I don't want to become the first of my friends to 'like' a story headlined "RESIDENTS TELL OF GUNMAN HORROR", which feature as its main image "Police stand next to a body covered by a blanket [...]