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Bookmarks for 31 Aug 2010

Guardian science blogs: We aim to entertain, enrage and inform | Science | guardian.co.uk"The Guardian's science blogs network is an attempt to bring some of the expertise and [scientific] discussions to our readers. Our four bloggers will bring you their untrammeled thoughts on the the latest in evolution and ecology, politics and campaigns, skepticism (with [...]

Bookmarks for 22 Aug 2010

The Twitter Times: pigsaw"News and Blogs Selected by People You Trust " Well, news and blogs selected by people I don't mind reading the odd 140 character message from, but "trust" is a good enough approximation. (twitter aggregation social_media ) The Twitter Tim.es"The Twitter Times is a real-time personalized newspaper generated from your Twitter account" [...]

Bookmarks for 19 Aug 2010

On hiring (developers) – David R. MacIver"First off, we’re hiring. You should apply. Even if you don’t apply, check out the spec. This post will make more sense if you do, and I’d love it if you were to forward it to anyone you know who would fit…" David MacIver on the thinking behind his, [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Aug 2010

Technology Review: A New Kind of Microchip"A computer chip that performs calculations using probabilities, instead of binary logic, could accelerate everything from online banking systems to the flash memory in smart phones and other gadgets." Don't know how that could be faster. Personally I find it much easier dealing with 1s and 0s than 0.34270s [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Aug 2010

Computational Complexity: But This One Is Different…So, maybe the P=NP problem remains open: "There are two camps in our community on Deolalikar's [P != NP] paper. Those of us who saw Deolalikar's paper as just another in a long series of bad attempts at P v NP and wondering what all the fuss was about. [...]

Bookmarks for 13 Aug 2010

CustomKindle Nook Book CoverMade To Order by BlueMoonCustoms (kindle shopping ) Vintage covers for iPads and ebook readers by vintagecovers (kindle shopping ) CasephileCases Covers Cozies and more by CasePhile on Etsy (kindle shopping ) More Jacket Covers for Kindle 2 by NYChicbyL on Etsy (shopping kindle ) HANDMADE Kindle Cover Japanese Art Print Geisha [...]

Bookmarks for 13 Aug 2010

Yahoo Turns News Browsing Into Infinite Search"Called “Infinite Browse” internally at Yahoo, the new feature will include a box below Yahoo News articles that will suggest searches for specific terms. For example, news about Al Qaida will show links to searches for “Al-Qaida Camp” or “Al-Qaida Flags.” [...] The feature, which is only being tested [...]

Bookmarks for 12 Aug 2010

Algorithmic layout: Another thing the visual journalists are going to hate | yelvington.com"Print designers want total control over arbitrary layout. [...] Here's my prediction: Algorithmic layout is going to win. The economics are brutal and they will decide." (journalism algorithms publishing economics ) Apple iPhone app patent claim ‘doesn’t feel right’ • The Register"Apple has [...]

Bookmarks for 10 Aug 2010

Lazy hacks and the case of the Wanky Balls festival | BitterWalletWith photographic evidence… "It won’t surprise you that Big Chill was never called Wanky Balls, Sweaty Nads, Greasy Schlong or anything else for that matter because you see, the bone idle newsrag decided to believe something that was written on a Wikipedia page about [...]

Bookmarks for 8 Aug 2010

500 Internal Server Error500 Internal Server Error (none) Demand Media’s IPO: The Google & SEO Aspects"Demand Media has filed for an IPO. The company, known as a content farm to some, produces much of its content on sites like eHow and others in direct response to what it determines people are searching for on the [...]