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Bookmarks for 31 Oct 2010

National Rail Have Killed My UK Train Times App | mockyblogIt seems there's a missing link at National Rail, between having an API and understanding what it's for. Certainly this is no way to build trust among potential friends. (apis national_rail timetables ) Ohio McDonald’s employees get voting instructions with their paychecks | Crooks and [...]

Bookmarks for 29 Oct 2010

Guardian’s Rusbridger and Die Zeit’s Blau on collaborative journalism and how to fund it – Editors Weblog"Zeit Online editor-in-chief Wolfgang Blau and Guardian editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger agreed on the importance of collaborative journalism at their papers at a debate in Berlin last week." (journalism mutualisation guardian ) Dropping a bomb in the tenure meeting | [...]

Bookmarks for 27 Oct 2010

American Express signs deals with Guardian, LoveFilm and Spotify – Brand Republic News"American Express has teamed up with Spotify, The Guardian and LoveFilm as content partners for an interactive digital advertising project aimed at boosting awareness of its involvement in film, music and food." A great demonstration of the Guardian's Open Platform in action. (american_express [...]

Bookmarks for 26 Oct 2010

Managing Yourself: What’s Your Personal Social Media Strategy? – Harvard Business Review"Today’s leaders must embrace social media for three reasons…" You don't have to take part in the conversation. But that won't stop the conversation. (social_media branding ) psmith, journalist › Betfair, Google and digital competitionA sharp insight. Incumbent bookmakers object to Betfair because it's [...]

Bookmarks for 23 Oct 2010

MobileRead Wiki – Kindle Screen Saver Hack for all 2.x and 3.x KindlesJust what I wanted. (kindle hacking screensavers ) Information Architects – iPad: Scroll or Card?Good sense, as usual from informationarchitects.jp: "You often hear the argument that the iPad is all new and the Internet is all shit (too cold, too technical, not pretty [...]

Bookmarks for 22 Oct 2010

‘Fast Company’ Influence Project Proves Online Influencers Have No Actual InfluenceHow not to follow through. Fast Company's online project to create "influencers" ends, and they decide that the outcomes shouldn't actually influence their print product very much at all. (fast_company social_media ) Life With Google TV: My First Day Review & Impressions"Here are my impressions, [...]

Bookmarks for 21 Oct 2010

YouTube – Ignite at Stream 2010 – Mike Bracken: "Controlling innovation in media organisations"Rapid-fire presentation from WPP Stream 2010, on how the Guardian does innovation. (video guardian innovation wpp ) mir.aculo.us JavaScript with Thomas Fuchs » Blog Archive » Making an iPad HTML5 App & making it really fast"About a month ago or so, Amy [...]

Bookmarks for 18 Oct 2010

Scott Hanselman – Subtle but Very Important Twitter Tips and Techniques You Should Know (cause no one will tell you)Just that. (tips twitter ) SwiftKey™ – Intelligent text prediction for Android smartphones, by TouchType Ltd."SwiftKey is able to predict your next word with incredible accuracy, based on what you’ve already entered." (accessibility android app ) [...]

Bookmarks for 7 Oct 2010

Symbols.com – Home"Symbols.com contains more than 1,600 articles about 2,500 Western signs, arranged into 54 groups according to their graphic characteristics." (graphics icons culture symbols signs reference ) Asual | Blog – Introducing Summer – The HTML5 Library for Java"Summer introduces a super clean dynamic HTML5 markup that enables templates, expressions and iterators. In order [...]