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Bookmarks for 27 Jan 2011

  • OAuth Will Murder Your Children
    Strictly speaking, the OAuth protocol does not have a "murder your children" step, but the point is well made. (oauth twitter privacy authentication )
  • Double U – USB Port Design by Ma Yi Xuan » Yanko Design
    "In spite of the clear USB mark on its right side, many a times we carelessly try to shove in the USB plug from the wrong side. As a result we manage to damage the head. With the Double U USB port, this will never happen because either ways it’s the right side!" Good idea. (design usb hardware )
  • Kevin Rose: Yahoo Contacted Digg To See If We Wanted To Take Over Delicious
    "It looks like Yahoo has been looking for a home for Delicious for some time now. On his Diggnation web show this week, Digg founder Kevin Rose said that Yahoo contacted Digg to see if the company would be interested in taking over Delicious prior to when an internal slide leaked indicating Yahoo wanted to get rid if it and before the December layoffs (which would put the time period at early December/late November)." (digg delicious yahoo business )
  • Real Blogs Don’t Have Interstitial Ads
    TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington doesn't mince his words… "We’ve put up this ridiculous interstitial ad here on TechCrunch that appears the first time you visit the site. It’s an ad for Dell. I like Dell, and before I went to Macs I mostly bought their computers. But the ad sucks. [...] Whoever did it, I’m going to try to stop it." (techcrunch advertising aol )
  • Android In-App Payments Coming Soon — Were Delayed Because Developers Were Busy
    "When asked about the status of an in-app payment system for Android, Chu noted that it was set to launch last quarter, but it was forced to be delayed. Why was it delayed? “Developers were busy with their Christmas applications,” Chu said." Er, right. (andoid delivery google payment_systems )
  • Startup Suicide – Rewriting the Code « Steve Blank
    Don't rewrite the codebase! Great post from Steve Blank: "The benefits of customer and agile development and minimum features set are continuous customer feedback, rapid iteration and little wasted code. But over time if developers aren’t careful, code written to find early customers can become unwieldy, difficult to maintain and incapable of scaling. Ironically it becomes the antithesis of agile. And the magnitude of the problem increases exponentially with the success of the company. The logical solution? “Re-architect and re-write” the product. For a company in a rapidly changing market, that’s usually the beginning of the end." (development agile startups management )
  • 37signals Product Blog: We’ll be retiring our support of OpenID on May 1
    Oh dear. "We first jumped on the OpenID bandwagon back in 2007 when it was seen as a promising way to make logging into websites simpler. What we've learned over the past three years is that it didn't actually make anything any simpler for the vast majority of our customers. Instead it just made things harder." (openid authentication identity user_experience support )
  • Content, context and code: verifying information online | Online Journalism Blog
    Good summary of verifying what you find online. "When the telephone first entered the newsroom journalists were sceptical. “How can we be sure that the person at the other end is who they say they are?” The question seems odd now, because we have become so used to phone technology that we barely think of it as technology at all – and there are a range of techniques we use, almost unconsciously, to verify what the person on the other end of the phone is saying, from their tone of voice, to the number they are ringing from, and the information they are providing." (journalism tips )
  • All America Heard Last Night: ‘Salmon’ — Daily Intel
    "Last night, after [Obama's State of the Union address] was over, NPR asked its listeners to describe Obama's address in three words. They then tallied up all 4,000 or so responses and made that into a word cloud — a snapshot of what people took away from the speech. Here's what it looks like: [image] This is why we can't have nice things." Urgh. (usa crowdsourcing speech barak_obama words npr )
  • Newspapers Try to Reimpose Scarcity on News With Ongo: Tech News and Analysis «
    "In what feels like another attempt to put the Internet genie back in the bottle, three traditional media companies — the New York Times, the Washington Post and the Gannett chain, publisher of USA Today — have launched a new service called Ongo that they hope will convince readers to pay for their content, even though much of that content is already available for free." (newspapers micropayments launch )
  • TED Blog | Introducing TED Books
    Smart idea: "Today, we’re thrilled to announce the launch of TED Books, an imprint of short nonfiction works designed for digital distribution. Shorter than traditional books, TED Books run less than 20,000 words each — long enough to explain a powerful idea, but short enough to be read in a single sitting. Books are available on the Kindle and Kindle Reader apps, and cost $2.99 each." (ebooks kindle publishing innovation )
  • 13 thousand data sets, 100 million time series, 600 million facts « DataMarket blog
    "We’re live! Just over 2 years and countless cups of coffee after we started coding, DataMarket.com launches with international data. You can now find, visualize and download data from many of the world’s most important data providers on our site." (data )

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