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Bookmarks for 24 Mar 2011

  • In two years, Amazon moved from journalism savior to afterthought; is today the day the trend reverses? » Nieman Journalism Lab » Pushing to the Future of Journalism
    "Like Frommer, I think it’s unlikely that the mainstream Kindle will be radically altered. It is simply too successful for what it is. The Kindle DX, however, is something else entirely. It’s too close to the iPad in both size and price to be just a large-print Kindle with 3G access. The original initiative behind the DX, to grow a marketplace for Amazon beyond the book, remains unmet." (amazon kindle newspapers )
  • Chris Moran explaining SEO at The Guardian
    "A couple of weeks ago at The Guardian our SEO Editorial Executive Chris Moran gave a talk about search engine optimisation to an assembled bunch of people from around the business. [...] He demonstrated the wide range of different tools that can be used for keyword research, which really highlighted for me some of the major ways that search engine knowledge has changed since I was doing SEO at the BBC in the early 2000s. None of those tools were available to me then." (seo guardian )
  • IT directors shun public sector staff in private sector recruitment, says report – 3/22/2011 – Computer Weekly
    "According to a survey of 66 IT directors by ReThink Recruitment, 79% believe private sector staff offer better value than IT professionals from the public sector. Michael Bennett, director of ReThink Recruitment, says IT directors favour commercial experience in addition to technical skills for private sector roles, such as business analysts." (recruitment public_sector )
  • Twitter In Negotiations To Bring Jack Dorsey Back As Chief Product Officer
    "Twitter's board is in negotiations to hire Twitter creator Jack Dorsey back into the company full time, according to a source familiar with the situation. [...] After Twitter split out from Odeo, Dorsey was the company's first CEO in 2007. Then chairman Ev Williams pushed Dorsey out in 2008, taking the CEO job for himself.<br />
    <br />
    Ev Williams stepped down as Twitter CEO last fall, handing over the job to then COO Dick Costolo. At the time, it was reported that Williams would lead product development at Twitter. This turned out not to be true. These days, Williams is hardly ever at the office. Neither is another more visible cofounder, Biz Stone, who nevertheless still makes plenty of appearances in the media representing Twitter." (jobs twitter )
  • CHART OF THE DAY: Did Groupon Have A Terrible February?
    "Groupon's U.S. sales collapsed in February according to data gathered by a TechCrunch source." Not sure site scraping is necessarily that reliable, but "Maybe this is part of the reason Groupon's president Rob Solomon just left the company?" (groupon financials jobs )
  • A VC: A Challenge To Startup Lawyers
    "When you have a seed stage company that needs to incorporate and close a seed round where all parties are willing to close on a set of standard docs without negotiation and where the investors agree to go without counsel, I think the legal fees for such a transaction should be $5000 or less. I just don't see why it should cost more than that." (investing startups legal )
  • Digital Subscription Prices Visualized (aka The New York Times Is Delusional)
    "As Frédéric Filloux and others have pointed out, The New York Times pricing seems designed not to get people to subscribe digitally, but rather to discourage existing subscribers from cancelling their print subscriptions. I think the chart above validates that view: they apparently have no interest in competing for digital-only dollars." (nytimes newspapers charts subscriptions )
  • Lessons for online news sites from Guardian IA Martin Belam – The New News
    "Our design and layout for electronic media class was lucky enough to receive a visit from Guardian information architects Martin Belam and Karen Loasby recently. [...] Here’s a summary of six of the most interesting lessons to come out of Martin’s talk, which focussed on the way the web has revolutionised traditional media and how the Guardian is coping." (martin_belam information_architecture )
  • Google Plays To Its Strengths, Succeeds Brilliantly, With Lady Gaga Interview
    As the battle for Silicon Valley engineering talent intensifies, it seems as if hot tech companies like Apple, Facebook, Google and Twitter have launched some sort of ridiculous competition as to who could can score the biggest Hollywood talent for an onsite appearance, in order to wow current and future employees. [...] If the metric is attention, I’m just going to say that Google has won the cultural relevance wars for the moment, bringing in super duper pop star Lady Gaga in to talk to super duper tech star Marissa Mayer for its “Musicians@Google” series. [...] Not only did Google prepare a special search-related intro for Gaga, and create a portrait based on the millions of Gaga-related search terms, but the entire interview was shockingly relevant to Google’s core competency, namely YouTube and search." (google interview lady_gaga recruitment )
  • 43 Promising Startups Present At Y Combinator’s Biggest Demo Day Yet
    "Twice a year, Y Combinator holds special events called Demo Day, when its most recent batch of startups present to a packed room full of top investors. It’s the grand finale of the program, where entrepreneurs have a few minutes to show off what they’ve built in the hopes of raising a seed round to help their companies stay afloat for at least a few more months (and hopefully much longer)." (y_combinator startups investing demo )
  • Programming, Motherfucker
    A manifesto for militant developers… "We are a community of motherfucking programmers who have been humiliated by software development methodologies for years. We are tired of XP, Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, Software Craftsmanship (aka XP-Lite) and anything else getting in the way of…Programming, Motherfucker." (programming manifesto humour )
  • The Guardian Hires A New Business Head In The U.S. | paidContent:UK
    "As part of an effort to reboot its U.S. strategy, Guardian News & Media is adding a new chief revenue officer based in New York. Steve Howe, a former advertising executive at the Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, joins this week and will lead the GNM’s U.S. sales effort." (guardian usa jobs )
  • open…: The End of Copyright’s Social Contract
    Copyright violation has been found not affect creativity, so why continue with copyright, asks Glyn Moody. Research says: "Using a novel dataset on the supply of new recorded music derived from retrospective critical assessments of music such best-of-the-decade lists, we compare post-Napster album supply to 1) its pre-Napster level, 2) pre-Napster trends, and 3) a possible control, new song supply following the iTunes Music Store’s revitalization of the single. We find no evidence that recent changes in appropriability have affected the quantity of new, acclaimed recorded music or new artists coming to market." (research piracy copyright legal )
  • USA Today rewrites strategy to cope with Internet – Yahoo! News
    "USA Today, a newspaper created nearly 30 years ago to appeal to people who grew up watching television, is revising its formula to try to counter the Internet's threat to its survival. The nation's second-largest newspaper is expanding its coverage of advertising-friendly topics, designing content for smartphones and tablet computers and refreshing the look of its print edition, whose circulation has fallen by 20 percent over the past three years." (usa_today design )
  • Mother Jones magazine on Tumblr – The best journalism-job want ad ever ever.
    Brilliant job ad, for a journalist on the Sarasota Herald-Tribune investigations team: "For those unaware of Florida’s reputation, it’s arguably the best news state in the country and not just because of the great public records laws. We have all kinds of corruption, violence and scumbaggery. The 9/11 terrorists trained here. Bush read My Pet Goat here. Our elections are colossal clusterfucks…" (journalism careers humour job_ad )
  • I’m all for finding one’s muse, but that’s just sick…
    Demonstration that commas are still required. (grammar humour magazines photograph )
  • Are social photo apps trapped in a Silicon Valley bubble?| Apps blog | Technology | guardian.co.uk
    "Another day, another innovative smartphone app based around photo-sharing. [...] Backed by $41m (£25.3m) of venture capital, it lets users post photos tagged with a location, browse the latest pics of people around them, and form ad-hoc groups to bundle together shots from a group of friends in the same place. [...] Here's my question: are these kinds of apps trapped in a Silicon Valley bubble? Not in the financial sense — although that $41m for Color may fuel the debate around that too. More of a cultural bubble, where it may be a little too easy to assume that all your friends and family will be quick to catch on to the same cool new apps as you." (app startups investment social_networking )

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