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Bookmarks for 27 Jun 2011

If The Onion Is Not Awarded A Pulitzer Prize Within The Next Year, I Will Murder 50 People | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source"Yes, readers, you have read the above headline correctly. [...] if The Onion is not awarded a Pulitzer Prize within the next calendar year, so help me God, I WILL [...]

Bookmarks for 27 Jun 2011

rob bowley – adventures in software craftsmanship » Blog Archive » A formative experienceOnly just caught up with this. A great post from Rob about working as a developer in a large organisation. "I’ve been motivated by Jason Gorman’s recent post and case study (and some subsequent twitterings) to share some of my thoughts from [...]

Bookmarks for 24 Jun 2011

$41 Million Startup Color Is Forced Into An Early, Buzzword-Laden Pivot"What do you do if you raised $41 million before launching and nobody uses your app? Pivot!" (color startups failure ) Why Apple’s Subscription Terms Are A Lose-Lose-Lose | paidContent:UKApple’s recent tweak to its its in-app subscriptions policy was not a big “back-track”, a “reversal”, [...]

Bookmarks for 19 Jun 2011

Definition of the engineering method, by Billy Vaughn Koen [pdf]"In an effort to more clearly define the engineering method, this document attempts to draw distinctions between engineering and science" (pdf engineering science system:filetype:pdf system:media:document ) That Story About How Facebook Lost Users In May Was A Bunch Of Crap"A couple of days ago, a story [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Jun 2011

Looking at IT Projects and Programmes as an Investment PortfolioLots of good stuff here: "Last week, we brought together ten senior managers from a range of industries, public and private, for our monthly Second Wednesday breakfast round table. Held under the Chatham House rule, the session was facilitated by Nigel Kneill and the delegates were [...]

Bookmarks for 16 Jun 2011

WX5 – MIDI Controllers – Music Production Tools – Products – Yamaha United States"The Yamaha WX5 Wind MIDI Controller – Plays Like a Woodwind, Sounds Like … Anything You Like!" (musical_instrument ) EWI4000s"The Akai Professional EWI4000S is a giant leap in the evolution of wind instruments. The heart of the EWI4000S is its "first in [...]

Bookmarks for 14 Jun 2011

Folklore.org: Macintosh Stories: Swedish CampgroundHow Apple came up with that funny non-Apple Apple symbol on its keyboards. (apple history design culture icons symbols ) Fractal Tom SelleckFascinating. But neither good, nor right. (humour image ) 500 Internal Server Error500 Internal Server Error (none) How Online Reading Habits are Changing and What You Can Do to [...]

Bookmarks for 12 Jun 2011

Our plans to support modern browsers across Google Apps – Official Gmail Blog"…soon Google Apps will only support modern browsers. Beginning August 1st, we’ll support the current and prior major release of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari on a rolling basis. Each time a new version is released, we’ll begin supporting the update and [...]

Bookmarks for 9 Jun 2011

500 Internal Server Error500 Internal Server Error (none) Rethrick ConstructionOne disillusioned ex-Googler: "The feeling now is liberating and joyous. Working by yourself or in a small team is fantastic in so many ways, that I simply can't describe it properly. If you're a hacker, Google is not the ideal place for you." (google employment development [...]

Bookmarks for 8 Jun 2011

The “To Do Less” List | Jim HighsmithGood thinking from Jim Highsmith: "Product backlogs can grow exponentially. It’s easier to say “yes” to various stakeholders than to say “no.” [...] Each of us have a handy “To Do List”, maybe what we need is a “To Do Less List.”" (product_management productivity planning ) Newsstand, Reader, [...]