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Bookmarks for 17 Jun 2011

  • Looking at IT Projects and Programmes as an Investment Portfolio
    Lots of good stuff here: "Last week, we brought together ten senior managers from a range of industries, public and private, for our monthly Second Wednesday breakfast round table. Held under the Chatham House rule, the session was facilitated by Nigel Kneill and the delegates were invited for a discussion on the topic ‘Looking at IT Projects and Programmes as an Investment Portfolio’…" (programme_management management governance )
  • Why traditional IT contracts make building a collaborative relationship tough
    "I've been thinking for some time now that traditional "Supply of Goods" contracts make building a collaborative client/supplier relationship tough. The nature of the contract is to fix the requirements up front, agree delivery milestones and try to focus the team on delivering what has been defined up front. Given that being able to handle change and being responsive to your customer's needs is the cornerstone of all agile and lean approaches to software development, how can a contract that actively discourages change help to build a long term relationship with your client?" (legal agile contracts )
  • 500 Internal Server Error
    500 Internal Server Error (none)
  • Susato
    The home of historical musical instruments. (music shopping )
  • Virtual currency: Bits and bob | The Economist
    A great explanation of Bitcoin. (bitcoin finance economics economist )
  • Yawn: How Did Big Tech Companies Turn into Big Boring Banks?
    "I asked Thiel if anyone could really change these companies’ fortunes or if they were just destined to be value stocks, their best days behind them. He said, “The problem is these big tech companies are just like banks now; all they do is print money. And that’s boring…"" Maybe, but it's good business. (startups innovation business )
  • Why Groupon Is Poised For Collapse
    The Groupon backlash continues… "Businesses are being sold incredibly expensive advertising campaigns that are disguised as “no risk” ways to acquire new customers. In reality, there’s a lot of risk. With a newspaper ad, the maximum you can lose is the amount you paid for the ad. With Groupon, your potential losses can increase with every Groupon customer who walks through the door and put the existence of your business at risk." (groupon marketing advertising economics )
  • Agit props
    Yay for the Guardian's Roberto Tyley. "Roberto actually fixed Android’s zlib implementation in the process; the patch he submitted is now running on some of the newer Honeycomb tablets. He’s also designed the app to share SSH connection information in a pool with other compatible apps – something that would be completely impossible on iOS. I’m looking forward to seeing more developer tools in this vein." (git app )
  • Economist Debates: Tech bubble: Statements
    Is there a tech bubble? Steve Blank says Yes, Ben Horowitz says No. (bubble economy )
  • Close to US$500k stolen in first major Bitcoin theft – Industry
    "In the first Bitcoin theft of its size, a user has lost 25,000 BTC — or nearly $487,749 at today’s market rates — to an unknown thief. While the Bitcoin community has always been quick to point out that it’s harder to forge a Bitcoin than to forge a dollar, it’s quite easy to take someone else’s Bitcoins: all you have to do is gain access to their computer’s hard drive. Once you’re in, stealing Bitcoins is easier than taking a wallet in the real world, and there’s no recourse for getting them back." (bitcoin security crime )
  • Exposed: Facebook’s Secret iPhone Photo Sharing App (Which Looks Amazing)
    "It’s far too often that the term “killer” gets thrown around in tech blogs. And yes, we’re just as bad as anybody. But what if I told you that a service that gets 6 billion photo uploads each month, and has nearly 100 billion photos total, is about to launch a new photo sharing app for the iPhone? And what if I told you that it looks awesome? Yeah, you’d call it a killer too." (facebook app photography )
  • Troubled Startup Color Loses Cofounder Peter Pham
    "Peter Pham, the president and a cofounder of mobile social startup Color, is no longer with the company, we’ve heard from multiple sources. The company launched publicly less than three months ago." Ouch. (color jobs )
  • Most Common iPhone Passcodes | iPhone | Daniel Amitay
    All the data you probably didn't want to know someone knew… "In my last update to Big Brother Camera Security (Free), I added some code to record common user passcodes (completely anonymous, of course). Because Big Brother’s passcode setup screen and lock screen are nearly identical to those of the actual iPhone passcode lock, I figured that the collected information would closely correlate with actual iPhone passcodes." (iphone security mobile statistics )

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