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Bookmarks for 26 Jul 2011

  • The Netflix Tech Blog: The Netflix Simian Army
    "The cloud is all about redundancy and fault-tolerance. [...] We have to constantly test our ability to actually survive these "once in a blue moon" failures. [...] This was our philosophy when we built Chaos Monkey, a tool that randomly disables our production instances to make sure we can survive this common type of failure without any customer impact. [...] Inspired by the success of the Chaos Monkey, we’ve started creating new simians that induce various kinds of failures, or detect abnormal conditions, and test our ability to survive them; a virtual Simian Army to keep our cloud safe, secure, and highly available." (netflix testing scalability networks )
  • Online dating is eroding humanity | John Walters | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
    "Dating websites distort the very core of interpersonal relations and turn love into a consumer product" A few paragraphs of nonsense. And the commenters feel the same. (dating )
  • Tabloid Watch: The Sun’s editorial(s) on Norway
    "In the aftermath of the tragic events in Norway on Friday, several media outlets began to speculate as to who was responsible and, predictably, fingers were pointed at Muslims." …and The Sun had a rather different editorial online from the one in print. (the_sun editorial terrorism )
  • Sexual Harassment at Technical Conferences: A Big No-No – O’Reilly Radar
    "We've been contacted recently about issues of sexual harassment at technical conferences, including at Oscon, which starts tomorrow in Portland. At O'Reilly we take those issues very seriously. While we're still trying to understand exactly what might have happened at Oscon or other O'Reilly conferences in the past, it's become clear that this is a real, long-standing issue in the technical community." (sexual_harassment conferences )
  • Google Plus Ungood – honestlyreal
    Paul Clarke on the problem with identity in Google+: "As I’d been invited to Google+ using the “profile version” of my email address, I feared the worst. And I was right. That was the account which was going to be stripped of my preferred email address. To be replaced by a “temporary address”–something horrible with a percentage sign in the middle of it. Great. The G+ connections dried up–nobody knows me as “the percentage sign email guy”–they know me as my ordinary, erm, email address. Bugger." (google_plus identity )
  • Flipboard Kicks Off Its First Advertising Program With Condé Nast | paidContent
    "Users who follow The New Yorker magazine through iPad social reader Flipboard will start noticing advertising as part of the mix. The ads, beginning with a campaign by American Express, are part of a deal with the magazine’s publisher, Condé Nast, which will be working with Flipboard on ads for Wired and Bon Appétit and other titles over the course of the year." (flipboard advertising )
  • Quote and Comment
    Jay Rosen on his "all-time number one favorite quote from Marshall McLuhan": "If you were to knock on the door of one of these critics and say “Sir, there are flames leaping out of your roof, your house is burning,” under these conditions he would then say to you, “That’s a very interesting point of view. Personally, I couldn’t disagree with you more.” That’s all these critics are saying…" (media journalism criticism quotation )
  • Can music lovers enjoy Wagner’s art in spite of his anti-Semitism? – Telegraph Blogs
    "So the Israel Chamber Orchestra’s performance of Siegfried Idyll at the Bayreuth opera festival today will be a bold musical statement, and a long-awaited one. It will be the first time, reportedly, that an Israeli orchestra has played Wagner in Germany." (music antisemitism wagner )
  • The state of print on the web – Dustin Curtis
    "The paper version is beautiful. It uses great typography and layout to focus your attention, drag your eyes down the columns, and pull you into the stories. The website is a hideous abomination barely worthy of dignified evaluation. What happened here, in the transition from the print newspaper to the digital one?" (design print newspapers )
  • The future flexible « Blathnaid Healy
    "The first thing to accept, and to become comfortable with, is that we don’t know what’s coming next. There are low barriers to entry for innovative ways to deliver news and news content. In the next six years at least one person will come up with a another novel way to deliver news in a way that people want it. Upsetting organisations’ strategies and plans." (journalism future planning )
  • RIM axes 2000 jobs, changes managers in effort to halt decline — Engadget
    "Just a month after a disgruntled employee accused RIM's managers of failing to make bold decisions, the latter have responded by boldly sacking 11 percent of their workforce." (rim employment )
  • Technology Is The New Smoking | TechCrunch
    "A new British study released today backs up what we otherwise know intuitively, that Internet usage is increasingly becoming an addiction. Out of 1000 people surveyed after being cut off from the Internet for 24 hours, 53% reported feeling “upset” about being deprived of online access and 40% said that they felt lonely after not being able to connect to the Internet." (research addiction internet )
  • British Computer Society – why it needs to change – 7/22/2011 – Computer Weekly
    Amit Bhagwat explains the BCS: "As I was invited and began my work, the lack of transparency in central structures was confirmed to me almost immediately. I observed that a few influential individuals were blocking reforms, or even discussion and dissemination of ideas that would have led to greater transparency and democratic reforms." (bcs openness )

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