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Bookmarks for 17 Sep 2011

  • Inventor James Dyson launches heater that cannot burn you | Technology | The Guardian
    "The Dyson Hot does have a number of features that will appeal to the average householder, and especially parents: you cannot burn yourself on it (because none of the exposed parts gets hot), it will cut out if knocked over, the fan system blows hot air further through a room than conventional heaters, and it can also work to cool rooms in summer – as it can be set to heat a room to anywhere between 1 and 37C. And for those who don't want to cross the room to press its buttons, there is a remote control. It also has a feature that Dyson himself insisted on: it doesn't heat the air as other fans do, by blowing it over electrically heated coils. That, says Dyson, means "a horrible burning smell". The solution Dyson's engineers found: pass the air flowing inside the housing over 20 ceramic stones – made, the company says, of "a sintered compound"." (engineering dyson heating launch )
  • Apple bans satirical iPhone game Phone Story from its App Store | Technology | guardian.co.uk
    "Removal of game that includes references to child labour and factory-worker suicides reignites debate about how Apple treats apps differently to music, books and films" (apple censorship app game )
  • All you trolls out there – come out and explain yourself | Martin Belam | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk
    "Sometimes technology is held up as an answer. But I'm not a fan of looking for technical solutions. Comments are left by people, read by people, moderated by people, and reacted to by people. If there is a problem with trolls on a community site, the solution has to be found with the people, not the software. By even approaching the topic of trolling on websites, I imagine this article will spark quite a feisty debate below the line. I'm interested in one thing in particular – have any of you deliberately trolled a site? If so, why? What did you get out of it? And why did you stop?" (trolls )
  • The Debrief: Johann Hari’s latest apology: some thoughts
    "And, more importantly, what about Hari’s accounts can we trust? If some of the quotes in his articles are not the words Hugo Chavez or George Michael or Ann Leslie or Malalai Joya said to him, which ones are? How do we know that the bits in between the quotes are accurate? If Hugo Chavez gave Hari a garbled version of the same thing he said to Anderson, did he also look away when doing so, as Hari claims he did? How about the part when Chavez patted Hari on the knee – did that really happen, or is it simply dramatic effect to heighten the interesting quotes he has stolen?" (johann_hari journalism )
  • Uber Blog » Uberdata: How prostitution and alcohol make Uber better
    The Uber taxi company discovers some startling correlations with where it needs to place its taxis. (data statistics crime uber )
  • Introducing the Subscribe Button
    New feature from Facebook: "Until now, it hasn't been easy to choose exactly what you see in your News Feed. Maybe you don't want to see every time your brother plays a game on Facebook, for example. Or maybe you'd like to see more stories from your best friends, and fewer from your coworkers. You also couldn't hear directly from people you're interested in but don't know personally—like journalists, artists and political figures. With the Subscribe button, we're making it easier to do both." (facebook launch sharing social_media )
  • Twitter and the Ultimate Algorithm: Signal Over Noise (With Major Business Model Implications) – John Battelle’s Searchblog
    "If Twitter can assign a rank, a bit of context, a "place in the world" for every Tweet as it relates to every other Tweet and to every account on Twitter, well, it can do the same job for every possible advertiser on the planet, as they relate to those Tweets, those accounts, and whatever messaging the advertiser might have to offer. In short, if Twitter can solve its signal to noise problem, it will also solve its revenue scale problem." (twitter algorithms data business_strategy )
  • 500 Internal Server Error
    500 Internal Server Error (none)
  • Second-system effect – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    "The second-system effect refers to the tendency of small, elegant, and successful systems to have elephantine, feature-laden monstrosities as their successors. The term was first used by Fred Brooks in his classic The Mythical Man-Month. It described the jump from a set of simple operating systems on the IBM 700/7000 series to OS/360 on the 360 series. " (complexity features )
  • Netflix stock plunges after cutting subscriber outlook – Sep. 15, 2011
    "Netflix subscribers threatened to flee in droves when the company whacked them with a surprise price hike, which kicked in this month." (netflix subscriptions )
  • Unethical journalism: The depressing tale of Johann Hari | The Economist
    The Economist's Bagehot attacks Johann Hari. And it's compelling: "This is what baffles me about those colleagues leaping to Mr Hari's defence. It is as if they imagine conducting an interview is mostly an act of stenography: you find someone interesting, ask them things, and then write down what they say. It is not stenography. Perhaps 80% of the knack of interviewing involves the ability to get people to open up and say striking things." (johann_hari journalism ethics )

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