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Bookmarks for 28 Feb 2012

Masterful ScrumMaster – Key abilities, attitudes and skills to being a successful ScrumMaster » Scrum Shortcuts Without Cutting Corners"I’ve got to admit something to you; whilst I admire Ken Schwaber for deriving this visionary job role, I honestly feel that the ScrumMaster title causes problems.[...] I feel that it ends up belying the premise of [...]

Bookmarks for 23 Feb 2012

Betrayal and heartbreak | JIMROMENESKO.COMA disturbing obituary. (obituary ) Tesco asks government to change flagship jobless scheme | Business | The Guardian"Work experience programme must be voluntary, says major employer amid complaints it is profiting from forced labour" (government employment tesco ) Pain Without Gain – NYTimes.com"…in early 2010 austerity economics — the insistence that [...]

Bookmarks for 21 Feb 2012

VLC 2.0 Released: What’s New, And An Interview With VideoLAN Developers"Available for Mac, Windows, and Linux machines, VLC 2.0 is a major update that brings several new optimizations on the technical side, new features, and a brand-new Mac interface…" (dopost video_player vlc ) Michael Gove under pressure over anti-gay sex education | Education | The [...]

Bookmarks for 20 Feb 2012

THE MICROSOFT INVESTOR: Microsoft Has Less Than 2% Global Smartphone Market Share (microsoft windows_phone dopost ) Trevor Kavanagh learns a hard lesson about human rights and due process « Richard Wilson’s blogTrevor Kavanagh suddenly starts defending the principle of innocence until proven guilty and human rights… "The problem with attacking basic democratic principles like human [...]

Bookmarks for 17 Feb 2012

How does an early-stage investor review your financial plan? | the drawingboard [dot] me"It is in its forensic analysis of your thinking behind the [financial model] where an early-stage investor really gets a feel for how you think and how you want to direct your company in the near future. Next, it is in how [...]

Bookmarks for 15 Feb 2012

Real Dan Lyons Web Site » Blog Archive » Hit men, click whores, and paid apologists: Welcome to the Silicon Cesspool » Real Dan Lyons Web SiteReal Dan Lyons is unimpressed with Mike Arrington being unimpressed with Nick Bilton being unimpressed about Path's apology for their privacy violation… "So: Path comes under fire, and straight [...]

Bookmarks for 14 Feb 2012

Leaked Internal Memo Reveals The Number One Worry For Twitter’s EmployeesCompany asks employees their concerns. One concern is mentioned more than others. The end. (management poll dopost twitter ) What Size Am I?A very smart visualisation tool: "Finding clothes that fit shouldn't be so hard. Add your measurements here to find out which high-street sizes [...]

Bookmarks for 13 Feb 2012

This might be the single most amazing toy we’ve ever seenIt's a remote controlled spider! Which shoots things! And it's got armour! (toy video ) Men’s Jump Suits, 1970s | RetronautAstonishing look back at '70s fashion. "Because one is enough, when it's you." It doesn't even make sense. (photographs history humour fashion ) BBC News [...]

Bookmarks for 8 Feb 2012

Does the government need 8,000 IT staff?"Despite the government having outsourced the majority of its IT delivery, research by Computer Weekly has revealed that Whitehall still has 8,000 in-house IT staff." Although it's not clear if these are people on the helpdesk, configuring tank systems, or anything else. (dopost employment government ) Coding Horror: Farewell [...]

Bookmarks for 7 Feb 2012

Why Is It So Hard for New Musical Instruments to Catch On? – Atlantic Mobile"Why has there been such a drought of new instruments—especially in rock and pop, which thrive on novelty?" (music history eigenharp ) InfoQ: Can the Kanban Method Avoid Becoming another Management Fad? (dopost presentation video kanban ) Financing IT versus managing [...]