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Bookmarks for 22 Jun 2012

Lanyrd no longer requires write access to your Twitter account | The Lanyrd BlogImproving trust with Lanyrd users: "Today we've changed the way we handle Twitter permissions. We now ask for read-only permission the first time you sign in, and only ask to upgrade to write access later on when you do something that needs [...]

Bookmarks for 20 Jun 2012

Microsoft Surface tablet: what the analysts say | Technology | guardian.co.uk"I do not believe Microsoft see Surface as a big volume driver device in either version, but they establish the benchmark, sell a few at decent margins, and then let the ODM [original device manufacturer, eg HP or Dell] partners drive prices down. Not having [...]

Bookmarks for 18 Jun 2012

Three Chords › Applying for a web developer role: CV dos and don’ts"Don’t just give me a list of things you’ve used. When I hire a plumber to fix my broken sink his job advert doesn’t say “spanner, socket wrench, hammer, Phillips head screwdriver”. It tells me how good he is at using them to [...]

Bookmarks for 16 Jun 2012

I’ve been playing the same game of Civilization II for almost 10 years. This is the result. : gaming"You've heard of the 100 year war? Try the 1700 year war. The three remaining nations have been locked in an eternal death struggle for almost 2000 years. Peace seems to be impossible. Every time a cease [...]

Bookmarks for 11 Jun 2012

Crypto breakthrough shows Flame was designed by world-class scientists | Ars Technica"The Flame espionage malware that infected computers in Iran achieved mathematic breakthroughs that could only have been accomplished by world-class cryptographers, two of the world's foremost cryptography experts said." (cryptography malware flame dopost ) The MacBook Air wedge aesthetic: Now an Apple patent | [...]

Bookmarks for 7 Jun 2012

Face To Face: How Airtime Will Re-Humanize The Internet | TechCrunch"On Airtime, you experience together thanks to real-time video chat and video sharing. You’re both the performer and the audience. When you look at your friend or a stranger you’ve been paired with, you get their body language, gestures, and attitude." Sounds interesting. But "you [...]

Bookmarks for 2 Jun 2012

Bach, Johann Sebastian – Minuet sheet music – 8notes.com (bach music sheet_music ) Slow Down To Go Faster | Value, Flow, QualityMarcin Floryan pioneers the interdisciplinary study of lean software development and the Saxondale roundabout: "It turned out a lower speed limit helped improve the flow. Remember the Saxondale roundabout and a limit on the [...]