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Bookmarks for 30 Jul 2012

#nbcfail: 8 Ways NBC Blew Olympics Coverage (with image, tweets) · btballenger · Storify"From tape-delays to ridiculous and ignorant commentary, Twitter agreed: NBC sucked at covering the 2012 opening ceremony." (fail olympics nbc ) The Daily Mail, And How An NHS Death Means… Racism Is Fine? – Botherer"The particular piece that’s riled me this evening [...]

Bookmarks for 18 Jul 2012

The Best-Kept Management Secret On The Planet: Agile | Value, Flow, Quality"Yet, just over a decade ago, a set of major management breakthroughs occurred. [...] Unfortunately, these management discoveries were not made by “the right people”: academics in business schools or high-paid managers in big corporations. The discoveries were made by the people that you [...]

Bookmarks for 16 Jul 2012

From 15 hours to 15 seconds: reducing a crushing build time | #F80046Great results from the Songkick team. (dopost software_development songkick automation testing ) Editorial: Despite shaky 48 fps Hobbit preview, high frame rates will take off — EngadgetA comparison of 24fps films and 48fps films. The higher rate should be more natural, but lots [...]

Bookmarks for 12 Jul 2012

Expedia deletes one field from their registration process, increases profit $12m"When visitors see the “Company” field, they were confused. Visitors thought Expedia meant they should put in their Bank name. Users then put their’s Bank’s address into the billing fields. This led to failed transactions, which led to abandons." (conversion usability user_interfaces dopost expedia a_b_testing [...]

Bookmarks for 11 Jul 2012

Ovum view: The future of software development"In Ovum’s opinion, the continuation of what agile has started has to be about engagement with the business, and Gus Power, chief technology officer at Energized Work, touched on this, arguing that business processes are the new front line for developers." (dopost gus_power agile ) BBC News – Inside [...]

Bookmarks for 9 Jul 2012

GitHub Pours Energies Into Enterprise, Raises $100 Million From Power VC Andreessen Horowitz | TechCrunch"Andreessen Horowitz is investing an eye-popping $100 million into GitHub, the ever popular repository for developers to post code and collaborate." (dopost github investment ) Dear Customer: The Truth About IT Projects"Dear Customer, I think it’s time we in the IT [...]

Bookmarks for 6 Jul 2012

Schneier on Security: Naming Pets"Children are being warned that the name of their first pet should contain at least eight characters and a digit." And the fun continues in the comments. (security humour dopost ) Microsoft’s Downfall: Inside the Executive E-mails and Cannibalistic Culture That Felled a Tech Giant | Blogs | Vanity FairCollecting all [...]

Bookmarks for 5 Jul 2012

StreetInsider.com – Nokia’s (NOK) Strange, But Likely Suitor"Apple and Nokia agreed on a settlement whereby Apple gave Nokia a one-time payment and on-going royalties to be paid by Apple to Nokia for the term of the agreement. [...] Over the next 5 years, Nokia could collect about $9 billion in royalties from Apple. With the [...]

Bookmarks for 4 Jul 2012

RIM’s tailspin | asymco"The number of BlackBerry phones sold fell 41% year-on-year in the last RIM fiscal quarter. Sequentially the fall was 30%." A sobering analysis (analysis dopost financials mobile rim ) How British are you? The alternative citizenship test | John Harris | Comment is free | guardian.co.uk"1. What is the first line of [...]

Bookmarks for 3 Jul 2012

the recruiter honeypot | Elaine Wherry"In late 2009, I created an online persona named Pete London – a self-described JavaScript ninja – to help attract and hire the best JavaScript recruiters. While I never hired a recruiter from the experiment, I learned a ton about how to compete in today’s Silicon Valley talent war. Based upon two [...]