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Leicester Square at night

I returned to taking a few photographs after quite a break. Only this and one other made the grade, though. Tags: photography

Eigenharp photos

One of a several photos I took of the Eigenharp when I went to its launch event. More in the Eigenharp Flickr set. (And yes, I am unhealthily obsessed with it right now.) Tags: photography, music, eigenharp

Watchmen at the IMAX, and some photos

Having accidentally persuaded Anna that she didn’t want to see Watchmen — I think just by describing it — I saw it with Martin instead, at the South Bank IMAX. My thoughts, for what they’re worth, are as follows: I’d give it 7-8/10 for the most part, so not nearly as bad as many critics [...]

Photos from 40th party

Here’s a photo from my 40th party; there are others in the Flickr set.

Our snowman

I didn’t get any good snow scene pictures today, but we did build a snowman, and here’s the evidence. The big versions are in the Flickr set. Tags: snow, snowman

Moving from a Palm Vx into the cloud (and an iPod Touch)

This is how I migrated from my Palm Vx into online productivity services, and specifically Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and Remember The Milk. This follows on from yesterday’s post, in which I described how I implement Getting Things Done on my iPod Touch — which is what I synchronise all this with so I can [...]

Pictures of Kings Place

Below is a photo from our first day, today, at our new offices: Kings Place in Kings Cross. There are a heap of other photos out there, too… tsmarsh’s iPhone snap of computers; tsmarsh’s goodie box; Paul Carvill’s tagged Flickr photos; My Flickr set; These last two (and possibly more in future) in a Flickr [...]

Yet another photo of Kentish Town

I found this on my camera, which I took one day on my early morning commute. Tags: photography, kentishtown

Message to T-Mobile: You don’t know how to sell the G1

I tried to take one more step towards buying the G1 phone today, and was not helped at all by the salesperson in the T-Mobile shop in Oxford Street. I just wanted to play with the phone — pick it up, feel it, get used to it, try out the keyboard, test the touchscreen’s responsiveness, [...]

Walking towards Kings Cross

Since I hadn’t picked up my camera for while I took a walk into Kings Cross to see what I could see. The sky was pretty dramatic. Here’s one of the photos I took; there are a few more on Flickr. Tags: photography