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A photo of a duck (and other things)

Here are some recent photos. First, I finally got a decent picture of a duck, which I’ve wanted ever since my first several photos of ducks were very poor indeed. This is from a trip to Godstone: Then, from our last-but-one trip to Malvern, a triptych from watching the Grand National on TV: Finally, from [...]

Firefox plugin for simple tab detachment

On Sunday I wrote a Firefox plugin: DetachTab. It’s very simple: when you’ve got a tab open press the F4 key and the page will reload in a new window free of any chrome. I find this useful when copying information from one page to another. Since I have my calendar in one tab, a [...]

Getting things done on an iPhone and iPod Touch

If you’re working out how to Get Things Done (GTD) on an iPod Touch, here’s how I’m doing it. In the next post I’ll explain how I moved my data off my Palm Vx onto the Touch. But for now, here’s how I’ve managed to implement GTD on an iPod Touch. And, of course, an [...]

Let’s not use “edgy” as a cover for “rude”

In scandals it’s not usually the initial misdemeanour which gets you, it’s how you handle the consequences — incident followed by attempted cover-up does a lot more damage than incident followed by immediate contrition. Following the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross farrago we now have a Mock the Week/Frank Boyle furore. After the broadcasting the comedian’s comments [...]

Russell Brand and Joseph Stalin

Just a note, that in Russell Brand’s video resignation and apology he’s standing in front of a picture of Joseph Stalin. Sadly you can’t quite see it on the video linked here, but it’s quite clear in the still on the front of my final edition Guardian. His positioning in this video won’t be accidental, [...]

Skip away

I’ve just spent the day filling a skip, and then phoned the hiring company to say they could take it away, thanks. The woman asked me, “Is it heavy or light?” How could I possibly answer that directly…?

10 exciting things about Android

Despite my excitement over the build-up, the actual launch of the HTC/T-Mobile/Google Android/G1 phone was a bit of a so-what for me. But I came across this little item: 10 members of the Android team each show one thing they like about the new system. 10 videos of 25 seconds each. And suddenly I can [...]

The truth about the market turmoil

G2 has a piece today asking various anti-capitalists for their view of the current market turmoil. I was very pleased to see their research took them to one of the most compelling voices on this subject, Max Keiser. His Resonance FM programme, The Truth About Markets, is always entertaining — sometimes for the right reasons. [...]

A few quick thoughts on Gphone non-existence

Daniel Langendorf of Last100 has a few good thoughts on why Google should have produced their own phone, rather than producing Android for others to use. Good thoughts, but not too many that I agree with. Here’s why I disagree, picking off his arguments in order… It makes sense from a design and development perspective [...]

Caterina Fake: Smart move

I don’t consider myself an internet pundit, but I do think Caterina Fake’s latest move is a smart one. She co-founded Flickr, saw it bought by Yahoo! and has since left. What to do? She’s joined the board of Hunch to be chief product officer (as reported by Jemima). Why do I think this is [...]